Write a Review Wednesday: Princesses of the World

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week we reviewed Blue Apple Books’ Bear in Underwear. This week we’re thinking about princesses again with Hammond’s Princesses of the World (age 8-12), written by Katell Goyer and illustrated by Misstigri. I have to thank Kristel at Hammond Langenscheidt Publishing Group for my review copy.


I think most young girls have a fascination with princesses; I know my two do and they’re 3 and 8. Princesses of the World takes you on a journey to exotic and foreign destinations around the world, sharing in the stories of 14 different princesses. From the Russian Swan Princess to the Inca Sun Princess, each story is filled with love. Many of the stories talk about the princess finding and marrying her true love, like the Japanese Princess who was disfigured from her mom’s death but her beauty was restored when she found her princess. Some tales are about love conquering all, like the Egyptian Princesses undying love that saved her sister from a great illness.

The beauty from the tales are emphasised with wonderful illustrations that fill the page. The book is over-sized and the paper is a thicker stock which allows for a number of gatefold pages; some pages have the princess hiding behind screens or curtains or tepees only to be revealed when you flip open the gatefolds.

Princesses of the World is very much a typical princess story; the princess is beautiful and is rescued by her prince, her one true love. The book is listed for an older reader, but my 3-year-old loved hearing all about the different princesses and revealing the hidden ones. This book will delight any girl who’s fascinated by princesses.

You can add your own copy of Princesses of the World to your own library by visiting your local bookstore or Hammond. If you’re interested in princesses, we also reviewed Hammond’s The Secret Life of Princesses. For other great books for kids, read through the past Write a Review Wednesday posts.

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  1. […] Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week we reviewed Hammond’s Princesses of the World. This week we review Tundra Books‘ So Close (age 4-7), written and illustrated by Natalia […]


  2. That looks like a really interesting book. As a mother of a 4 yo daughter who is also besotted with Princesses, I’m very interested in finding books that show Princesses other than Disney, In fact, I’ve started a project with her that’s designed to show introduce her to real Princesses of the world!
    I’d love you to take a look – http://theprincesslettersproject.wordpress.com/
    Thanks. Jennifer


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