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Write a Review Wednesday: Princesses of the World

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week we reviewed Blue Apple Books’ Bear in Underwear. This week we’re thinking about princesses again with Hammond’s Princesses of the World (age 8-12), written by Katell Goyer and illustrated by Misstigri. I have to thank Kristel at Hammond Langenscheidt Publishing Group for my review copy.


I think most young girls have a fascination with princesses; I know my two do and they’re 3 and 8. Princesses of the World takes you on a journey to exotic and foreign destinations around the world, sharing in the stories of 14 different princesses. From the Russian Swan Princess to the Inca Sun Princess, each story is filled with love. Many of the stories talk about the princess finding and marrying her true love, like the Japanese Princess who was disfigured from her mom’s death but her beauty was restored when she found her princess. Some tales are about love conquering all, like the Egyptian Princesses undying love that saved her sister from a great illness.

The beauty from the tales are emphasised with wonderful illustrations that fill the page. The book is over-sized and the paper is a thicker stock which allows for a number of gatefold pages; some pages have the princess hiding behind screens or curtains or tepees only to be revealed when you flip open the gatefolds.

Princesses of the World is very much a typical princess story; the princess is beautiful and is rescued by her prince, her one true love. The book is listed for an older reader, but my 3-year-old loved hearing all about the different princesses and revealing the hidden ones. This book will delight any girl who’s fascinated by princesses.

You can add your own copy of Princesses of the World to your own library by visiting your local bookstore or Hammond. If you’re interested in princesses, we also reviewed Hammond’s The Secret Life of Princesses. For other great books for kids, read through the past Write a Review Wednesday posts.

Write a Review Wednesday: The Secret Life of Princesses

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week I reviewed Tundra Books new release Here Comes the Bride (age 4-7) written by Beatrice Masini and illustrated by Anna Laura Cantone. This week is all about princesses with Hammond‘s The Secret Life of Princesses (all age) written by Virginie Hanna and illustrated by Cathy Delanssay. I have to thank Kristel at Hammond for my review copy.


Do you know why Cinderella likes to hide in the pumpkin patch? Or how the Princess actually discovered the pea under all those mattresses? Or how Beauty found out if the Beast really loved her? It turns out even these princesses have secrets and if you come closer the book The Secret Life of Princesses will reveal some of them to you.

My seven-year-old and my three-year-old love princesses and princess stories. Just buy looking at the images in The Secret Life of Princesses they were quick to tell me which princess we would be reading about. This hard cover book consists of thick pages for easy turning (and hiding secrets of course). Each double-page spread contains a wonderful illustrated image of one princess. But look carefully, also on these pages is hidden a secret about the princess. You’ll find an envelop with a note, a little book, a fold out page, or even a flap that is cleverly worked into the illustration. Each note contains a little story about the princess and her secret.

The images are beautiful and fill the page. My seven-year-old thought the princesses were beautifully illustrated. But their favourite part, and mine, was the secret notes. Reading these little notes gave you a sense that you were discovering a true secret. The notes also kept the pages clean for the illustrations; no copy showed on the pages with the exception of the princesses name.

At the front of the book is a little envelop for your own princess to fill out with her secret. I thought this was a very cute addition. I should point out the stories are written like the old fashion princess stories; the princess lives for her prince and her secret revolves around winning her prince. And one story, Princess Donkey Skin, is one we tend to skip (you can probably guess from the princesses name).

I wasn’t expecting my son to be too interested in The Secret Life of Princesses just because of the subject matter, but he listened intently to each secret. I think he liked the idea that the book contained secret notes.

You can add The Secret Life of Princesses to your own library from If you’re looking for other books suggestions for your kids, read through some of the past Write a Review Wednesday posts.