Nasty New Neighbours

It seems no matter where you live you end up with a neighbour you can’t stand, or at least I do. Perhaps I’m too picky. Neighbours are probably one reason why I want to get out of the city. We live in a great neighbourhood, with so much within walking distance; the kids have a big yard, for the city that’s amazing; we have easy access to transit. Yes I’m always on about getting out. The only thing I can think of is the neighbours. I don’t want to live in a field in the middle of nowhere; I love having people around. I just don’t want them breathing down my shoulder or looking over my fence.

I was starting to come to terms with my neighbours, until these guys moved in:

Now I hate my neighbours even more. How could they build a home so quickly? It feels like it was just overnight they appeared. Thank goodness we’re pretty busy this August. This means I can wait until the cold weather arrives and then evict them. We’ll see if I can tolerate them that long.

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