A glutton for punishment

You’d think going through the Park and Recreations registration process once this week would be enough fun for me. But no. I had to do it again. This time I was registering the kids for Spring swimming lessons. The big city I live in is so big that they’ve divided it up into four sections, with separate registration dates for community programs. The camps I wanted to register for were in the west end of town. Swimming lessons are in the centre of town. I wonder if people who live in small towns have to get up at 6am to register their kids for swimming (with no guarantee of getting a spot).

And even though I’m just trying to register for Spring lessons, the registration dates is the same time as all the summer camps and programs in the centre of town. I was fortunate enough to get through, though I had to regiser my son for private lessons in order to keep everyone in the pool at the same time Saturday morning. I should have realized, but didn’t until after the fact, that the private lessons are 3x the cost of his regular lessons. Yikes! Well, when he turns five this summer he’ll be able to join the Ultra Swim program stream which is much easier to get into.

And the good news, I don’t have to worry about going through the registration process again until the Summer when it’s time to register for Summer swimming lessons. At least that won’t be as busy. People don’t seem to do lessons as much in the Summer. They’re probably fortunate enough to be away at the cottage or camp.

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