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Wednesday is for Crockpots

I find now that two of my three are in school, fitting in outside activities and clubs is difficult. We’ve agreed to Beavers and Brownies as well as swimming lessons. In my mind there are three things all kids should learn: swimming, skating and riding a bike. If I look back on my younger days (way, way back) I can remember much of my free time or time with my friends rotating around these three things. My husband never learned how to skate and feels he missed out. He’s actually thinking of taking lessons now.

So that said, you would think swimming registration would have been on the top of my mind, since that’s the only activity the kids are doing this fall. Ha, nope. Turns out I only remembered two days after swimming registration, which of course meant I couldn’t get into the pool I wanted. I like to book all three kids for their lessons Saturday morning. It may take a chunk out of our Saturday, but it’s easier than trying to squeeze it in around other things.

So now I was left with booking what was available. My oldest I was able to get in on Saturday but my son I had to book lessons after school. Wednesday was the first lesson. I realized at the time I would have to drive to school and pick all the kids up and then drive them to the pool for my son’s lesson. If I wanted to try and keep us on our night time routine, I knew I had to look into alternative dinner arrangements. So online I went looking for quick and easy crockpot recipes. 

I don’t use my crockpot that often, but when I have I usually find it so convenient. So on Wednesday I planned on making a new and untried recipe I found online for Italian Sausage and Peppers. I actually had sasauges and peppers so that’s where my search started and I was fortunate enough to have everything else needed in the recipe, including the red wine.

Crockpot Italian Sausage and Peppers

Cockpot Italian Sausage and Peppers

Even though my kids loved this I don’t think I could convince them to eat it every Wednesday. I guess I’ll have to build my recipe box. Any suggestions?

Foto Friday: Underwater Obsession

Happy Foto Friday

It’s the last Friday of June. The last Friday of school. The last Friday before my daughter starts swim camp. which brings me to today’s picture for Candid Carrie’s Friday Foto Finish Fiesta (you can see other clickers on her blog).

Ready for some deep sea diving

Ready for some deep sea diving

Underwater Obsession: My 7yo has been taking swimming lessons since she was six months old. Like most babies she loved the water. When it came time to float around on her back in a life jacket, most times she would fall asleep, that’s how relaxed she felt in the water. Then she went through a stage of not wanting anything to do with the water, especially if it involved her head. That has passed. Now she is obsessed. She loved being UNDER water now. My two youngest hate when they have their hair washed versus my oldest who would prefer to wash her hair everyday,  just so she can lay submerged in the tub. And in one week my oldest starts swim camp for the first time. Nine days of swimming and being in the pool. She’s very excited. Maybe we have a deep sea diver developing in our midst.

A glutton for punishment

You’d think going through the Park and Recreations registration process once this week would be enough fun for me. But no. I had to do it again. This time I was registering the kids for Spring swimming lessons. The big city I live in is so big that they’ve divided it up into four sections, with separate registration dates for community programs. The camps I wanted to register for were in the west end of town. Swimming lessons are in the centre of town. I wonder if people who live in small towns have to get up at 6am to register their kids for swimming (with no guarantee of getting a spot).

And even though I’m just trying to register for Spring lessons, the registration dates is the same time as all the summer camps and programs in the centre of town. I was fortunate enough to get through, though I had to regiser my son for private lessons in order to keep everyone in the pool at the same time Saturday morning. I should have realized, but didn’t until after the fact, that the private lessons are 3x the cost of his regular lessons. Yikes! Well, when he turns five this summer he’ll be able to join the Ultra Swim program stream which is much easier to get into.

And the good news, I don’t have to worry about going through the registration process again until the Summer when it’s time to register for Summer swimming lessons. At least that won’t be as busy. People don’t seem to do lessons as much in the Summer. They’re probably fortunate enough to be away at the cottage or camp.