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I won’t be opening a daycare anytime soon

I’ve been working from home for over two years now and I really enjoy it. My office job was great but the stress of working in the office and handling my family needs was hard. I know others juggle both and I’m impressed. And if I had to go back to the office routine, I’m sure I could make it work too. I’m very fortunate that I have this alternative arrangement.

I say I work from home, which is true I do, but I’m very relaxed about what I do. I think since my husband covers most of the financial burden I don’t have the pressure of ensuring that my home business means I’m working on a job every day. I can take the jobs I want or that work around my family schedule. I love that I can sit on the couch in the family room working while the kids play in the playroom beside me. As I work on a job I’m able to join in on a tea party or help build a Lego tower. It’s a great mix of work and play.

But I know my kids won’t be at home forever. And my original plan wasn’t to stay at home forever. I think that’s why I started working from home in the first place. It wasn’t a financial requirement but more of a mental one. I love my kids but spending all day building with blocks, baking cookies, practicing letters and numbers, that’s just not for me. I didn’t always think that. At one point when I was on leave I was already thinking of not going back, of how to avoid dealing with the stress of work and kids. I actually took a course on running an at home daycare. I toyed with the idea of doing just that, hanging out with my kids and other kids painting and doing field trips. And although I benefited with some knowledge on how to structure my day at home with the kids or setting up a play space, the thought of doing this all day didn’t really appeal to me. Something I enjoy doing with my kids was now going to turn into work and probably more work then my office job.

Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Yes, at some point I’ll probably have to re-evaluate what I’m going to do. But at the moment I’m spending time doing what I enjoy, taking care of my family and working. And the way my kids are growing and changing, if I spend too much time worrying about what’s coming next, I’ll end up missing what’s happening now.