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Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Things I said I Would Never Say as a Parent

When I was growing up I remember thinking how unfair my parents were. It always seemed to me that I wasn’t allowed to do things or was always the one getting blamed for things. ALWAYS! You too eh?

My parents use to have some pretty lame excuses or reasons for why I had to do certain things or why I couldn’t do other things. On more than one occassion I muttered under my breath that I would be a better mom, a more understanding mom, a mom who wouldn’t have all these silly rules.

Then I became a mom myself and my perspective changed. Now with three young kids of my own I find myself saying things that I swore would never come out of my mouth. So for Oh Amanda‘s Top Ten Tuesday post I am sharing with you the Top 10 Things I Swore I Would Never Say as a Parent.

  1. Eating too much of one colour in food will cause your skin to turn a shade of that colour.
  2. I need to be on the computer longer becuase I’m working; you’re just playing a game. (and if anyone asks Twitter is a research tool).
  3. I can have a slice of cake twice as big as yours because I’m twice as big as you.
  4. It’s okay that your peas are mixed in with your potatoes. They’re all going to the same place anyway.
  5. The burnt part of the toast is the best part.
  6. I think I hear a bumble bee. Maybe we should walk home faster so we don’t get stung.
  7. Becuase I’m your mom and I said so.
  8. If you don’t like the rules in this house, you can make up your own when you’re bigger and have your own home.
  9. Older people need less sleep therefore we can stay up later.
  10. There’s not enough chocolate cake to share with everyone so I’ll finish it off.

Yes, not some of my proudest parenting moments I agree. But it’s amazing how much smarter and wiser my own parents appear now that I have kids. Have you said anything you swore you never would?