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Training for the Saturday Boy’s Club

Saturday Boys Club in training

Saturday Boys Club in training (2yo)

Women have been known to belong to a number of different social clubs based on their interests: book club, wine tasting club, yoga group, running group and so on. But woman aren’t the only ones. If you’re married, your husband is probably a member of the Saturday Boy’s Club. You see them out on their own but in proximity of other guys. They look at table saws, they compare drill bits and share renovation stories. They always seem to come up with an excuse to get away for their not so secret meetings at the local Rona or Home Depot.

I always thought this was a club guys become a part of when they got married. An excuse to escape requirements at home. A place to enjoy their like-minded company.

But then I made a trip to Rona the other day with my son. He had to sit on and try each of the display toilets. He ran back and forth past the motion sensor set lights. He compared screw lengths and hammered the store shelves. And then it occurred to me… a love of tools and hardware stores isn’t something that guys escape to, but something they learn from a young age.

I realized I was raising a future member of the Saturday Boy’s Club.