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Being sick makes you pretty thankful

I know Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone but all the Thanksgiving posts and tweets from my friends in the United States have me thinking. Sitting on the kitchen floor with my iPhone waiting for my kid’s store bought pizza lunch to cook, I realize all the things I’m truly grateful for when I’m not well:

  • the already prepared food section of the grocery store so my kids can have a lunch consisting of more than crackers and the pickles in the bottom of the pickle jar.
  • the television, even without cable, that so aptly turns my kids into zombies and gives me an hour or two to sleep without interruptions.
  • the twitterverse that entertains, amuses, consoles and connects me to the outside world from the comfort of my fuzzy PJs and down comforter.
  • the age and number of kids I have so they can care for and entertain themselves in a pinch. I can’t imagine having to take care of an infant or having just one child that needs to be entertained. My seven-year old daughter made her younger brother and sister breakfast, even if it did include items covered in powdered sugar. I love them.
  • the seat heaters in my van that keeps the chill away as I make an emergency milk run to the grocery store. I could have fallen asleep in the parking lot all toasty warm if it wasn’t for those three kids bugging to get our of the van.

Being under the weather isn’t fun when you’re a mom and your responsibility don’t disappear, but at least these things make it doable until I’m on my feet again tomorrow. Because we all know mom’s have the incredible ability to be taken out by a bug for one day only. Something else I’m thankful for.


Happy Thanksgiving

gobble gobble

gobble gobble

I love my daughter’s creative eye. Who else would create a patchwork turkey with a sombrero?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!