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Pajama’s for Haiti

My two youngest ready for Pajamas for Haiti. My oldest didn't want to be photographed in her PJs

My two youngest ready for Pajamas for Haiti. My oldest didn't want to be photographed in her PJs

Yesterday my kids participated in a fundraiser at the school called Pajamas for Haiti. Kids could wear their pajamas to school for the day in exchange for a two dollar donation. The funds would go to the Canadian Red Cross to help support relief efforts in Haiti.

My kids were thrilled with the idea of wearing their pajamas for the day. See in our house I make the kids get dressed before coming downstairs for breakfast, even on Saturday. It’s a me thing. So Pajamas for Haiti gave them an excuse to wear pajamas all day and there was nothing I could do about it. Even though my youngest doesn’t go to school, she wasn’t going to miss out on the pajama party madness and insisted on wearing her pajamas too.

I did have to go over a few ground rules:

  1. they couldn’t wear the same pajamas they slept in. No rolling out of bed and saying they were ready for school.
  2. they had to wear underwear, socks and an undershirt beneath their pajamas (I mean it is winter).

You may think those are funny rules but my kids expected just to get out of bed and go to school. The kids had fun and felt pretty good at making some sort of contribution to an event they felt helpless about. Now I just need to remind them that pajama day was only for that one day.

Literacy based curriculum

Well school is in full swing. Although my oldest is at school all day for grade two, I still have my younger two at home with me (my son goes to senior kindergarten in the afternoon).

Recently I discovered a great blog Raising Itty-Bitty Bookworms that’s about instilling the love of books with kids. They recently celebrated their second anniversary. And it was actually during their anniversary party that I discovered the true secret behind the Raising Itty Bitty Bookworms blog. It’s their preschool curriculum program; a curriculum based on literature.

When I read more about the program I was intrigued. They have two programs: Baily (for children 18 to 36 months) and Bo (for children 3 to 5).  I’m always trying to find new ways to enrich my children’s knowledge while they are at home with me so I’m trying out the Bo curriculum with my two youngest.

Each of the four weeks in October focuses on a different book so my plan is to post a summary of the weeks events, my thoughts and my kids thoughts. So if you’re looking for a program for your kids, stay tuned.

I hate people who hate their jobs

You know who I’m talking about. Those people who have to deal with us, the public, and make it really obvious they’d rather be eating live bugs. The clerk at the coffee store who rolls his eyes and makes audible sighs if you mispronounce those bizarre coffee drink names. The grocery store cashier who makes sure to pack your eggs underneath the watermelon, the twelve naval oranges and the two extra large cans of tomato paste.

Now I can add school secretary to my list of people who piss me off. Today I was late getting my son to his afternoon kindergarten class (how was I suppose to remember over the summer that the afternoon class starts at 12:45 and not 1:00 p.m.). I dropped into the office to ask if she needed me to fill in a late slip. Well, from her response you would think I had asked her to run up to the roof to confirm the time on the sundial. I blurted out that if the school had done it’s job and communicated the start times I wouldn’t be in here talking to her right now. I could have said more but I was worried what would come out, plus we were already late.

What a way to ruin my first day of school high. My son on the other hand seemed unfazed by the whole thing. Perhaps because he’s seen mom react this way too many times lately? (No, I really am a patient person. Really).

This isn’t the first time this secretary has annoyed me with her less than cheerful attitude. I encountered it a few times last year, but since we were new to the school, having transferred just after Christmas, I choose to ignore it. The school secretary is the first impression most people get when they enter the school. I’m not saying she should be out going and initiating conversations with people or dancing in her office. I’m an introvert and I know how hard it is to interact with people. But it doesn’t take much to smile and say good morning. In my mind these are common courtesies. It’s called being polite. I mean my two year old has that one figured out all ready.

I guess someone should let the secretary know this and maybe that someone should be me. Not to her face of course but maybe I need a conversation with the principal. And all parents know there’s no better way to make an impression at the school than to start kicking butt during the first week. Wish me luck.

Surgar High or Why I let my kids drink 4 Liters of pop in an evening

popdrinkersWhen your children go to school you expect the requests for supplies: toilet paper rolls, Kleenex boxes, empty babyfood bottles.  So when the March class calendars went around I wasn’t surprised to see a note asking for an empty 2L clear or green pop bottle, one for each child. Well being like any great mom who cares about and looks out for her children’s well being, I rushed out to pick these up right away.

Okay, first off, it’s not that I don’t care about my kids, I do. I’m just a bit of a procrastinator. So, no, I didn’t get the bottles when I should. Mistake number one. March Break came and went. School started up again. Picking up my kids I was greeted with ‘You forgot my pop bottle.’ Damn. And of course, according to my kids, every other child brought their bottles in, on time, bought by moms who care. It seems I just don’t measure up to ‘every other mom’. That’s OK, I came to terms with that years of go 🙂 Good thing there’s a little grocery store around the corner from the school.

Now I sit at home with two 2L bottles of pop. Since we don’t drink pop at home my first instinct was to just dump the bottles, but somehow that seemed so wasteful, even for pop. I thought how bad would a small glass of pop be for the kids. Mistake number two. Unless you think relay races around the main floor dining room, kitchen, front hall, living room is ideal child behaviour, than I wouldn’t recommend this. I don’t know what I expected. I think pop effects most people. It’s effects are just magnified in my non-pop drinking kids. The rest of the pop went down the drain.

I was sharing my story with another non-pop drinking mom in the school yard thinking she must have gone through the same dilemma I went through and we could laugh about it together. Instead she told me how asking her neighbours yielded bottles from the recycle bin and no children were harmed. Of course. Simple solution. It proves yet again why I don’t measure up to other kids mom’s.

Have a fun pop-free day. I know I will.