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Write a Review Wednesday: The Boss Baby

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week we reviewed Christmas Delicious. With a friend of mine experiencing the joys of a new baby in her house, the timing was perfect for Simon and Schuster‘s The Baby Boss (age 4-6), by Marla Frazee. I have to thank Michelle at Simon and Schuster Canada for my review copy.


He’s demanding. He has fits. He says a lot but none of it makes sense. Oh yeah, and he’s a baby, literally.

The Boss Baby is an interesting take on how a new baby takes center stage in a family’s life, sort of like a boss. Marla Frazee does a great job illustrating the baby as a boss. Even when the baby ‘arrives’, he shows up in a taxi with a large briefcase full of demands. The baby has meetings, lots and lots of meetings, ensuring the parents are at his beck and call. There’s one moment, when the parents are so unresponsive due to lack of sleep, that the boss baby resorts to baby-like tactics to get attention. Surprisingly this works but the boss inside the baby doesn’t stay away for long.

I found The Boss Baby as enjoyable as my kids did, but on different levels. As a parent I could completely relate to the story of the demanding baby, taking center stage, being in control of what happens at home, just like a boss in the office. The kids, especially my 4-year old, just thought it was crazy baby behaviour. Everything the baby did she thought was hysterical (his private jet being a swing in the shape of an airplane). She even laughed when she told me she was just like that when she was a baby (not far from the truth).

The Boss Baby would be a great book for a new parent. It’s a little tongue in cheek about that adjustment stage of baby’s early arrival. Mom and dad can get great enjoyment at the comparison and kids will love the silly baby. The Boss Baby is a great way for parents to address the demands of a new baby with young siblings too.

You can add a copy of The Boss Baby to your own personal library by visiting your local bookstore or visit Simon and Shuster Canada. For other great books for kids, take a read through the past Write a Review Wednesday posts.

Ontario Place: Racing Cars and Hanging Out

At the end of summer we were invited to the Fisher Price Fall Toy Preview event at Ontario Place. After a busy morning of playing with toys, my 3 and 6-year old were invited to spend some time having fun at Ontario Place.

My 3-year old loves her older brother. No matter what he does, she has to follow. Walking around Ontario Place they were up on benches, along curbs, zig-zagging around trees.

On of our first stops had to be the Power Wheels race track. My son loves these though he’s getting pretty close to being too big to ride them. I remember the first time he drove around the track, he would stop in the middle of the track to checkout the engine, adjust the radio, he even offered to give someone a ride who was stuck. I was surprised my 3-year old picked it up right away. She was around the track a few times without incident. She loved the fact that she was in a pink Barbie car too.

The kids moved from one car ride to the next. This one required no steering but it went pretty fast, forwards and backwards. They loved it. And since this ride is down a hill (not that visible) there weren’t that many people waiting to ride so they went on two more times.

If my 8-year old had been with us, she would have made a bee-line to the Frogger ride (where you hop up and down). My son has always been too short but this time he was just right and eager to ride.

I wish I had video of his ride. When the ride went up he was so excited but when it made it’s first drop he screamed. Not one of those ‘whee this is fun’ type of screams. His scream was more like ‘oh my god what have I gotten myself into’. After a few more drops he was fine but continued screaming.

Before we ended our day we took a ride together in the ferris wheel. The kids were busy saying hi to all the other riders who passed us in their ferris wheel cars. It was great seeing all around the park and out to the water.

After this the rain started. We were soaked by the time we got to the van but both kids thought it was worth it. Thanks to the folks at GCI Canada and Fisher Price for a fun filled day.

Write a Review Wednesday: Brothers

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week I wrote a review on  Ruth Ohi‘s latest book Chicken, Pig, Cow On the Move (from Annick Press). This week is about siblings as I review Brothers, written by Michael Maze and illustrated by Michael Soloviov. Thanks to Sylvia at Tundra Books for my review copy.


brotherscoverJulius and William are brothers. Julius, the oldest and the story teller, feels he’s wiser, more sophisticated and superior than his younger brother William. Julius feels it’s his duty to share his knowledge and teach his brother a thing or two, especially who’s in charge. But no matter how much sibling rivalry exists between the brothers, they pull together when an outsider tries to separate them. Oh, did I forget to mention Julius and William are dogs.

Yes, it’s true Brothers is based on two dogs. But the story that is told, one of rivalry and friendship is one that even us humans can relate to, especially if you have a sibling. The battles between oldest verses youngest is a common tale, but viewed through the eyes of a dog gives it a fun twist.

My oldest two loved the story. My oldest daughter could see right away the similarities between the two dogs and her and her brother’s constant battles. My son, though I don’t think he thought about the story beyond it being about two dogs, loved their struggle and eventual friendship.

Although Brothers does follow a traditional story with beginning, middle and end, the way it’s told is somewhat unique. Each page is broken into ‘moves’, like Grasshopper, trying to obtain inner peace with William’s over bouncy self or Honor, the battle for the big prize, the bone.

A bone -- my kingdom for a bone

A bone -- my kingdom for a bone

The story builds as the brother’s struggle with each other while their mother is away. Then when the sitter tries to separate them, the two brother’s unite and fight the sitter together, just in time for their mother to return. And just like the brothers, my kids fight until I separate them, then they seem to work together against me. Brothers celebrates the frustration and joy of being a sibling.

If you want to add Brothers  to your personal library, be sure to visit your local book seller when the book is expected to be released November 10, 2009. For other great book ideas, read the previous Write a Review Wednesday posts.