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Did the weatherman call for rain?

The morning started well with a walk over to Brad’s for a late breakfast full of chocolate chip teddy bear pancakes, warm apple crepes, fruit and salad. But when we started our walk home the sky grew dark except for flashes of light. Thunder rumbled in the background. Since we didn’t bring umbrella we picked up our pace walking home. But even dodging under the large tree canopies couldn’t save us.

No need for a bath tonight!

No need for a bath tonight!

Maybe this rainy day won’t suck completely

There’s something about waking up to a gray, wet, drizzly day that puts my kids in a not so pleasant mood. First no one wants to get out of bed and who can blame them. They’re full of excuses ‘my head hurts’, ‘I’m too tired’, ‘it’s not a school day’, ‘I won the lottery and don’t have to work’ (oops, that last one was mine).

Everyone was cranky and defensive and argumentative around the breakfast table this morning (I forgot my karma exercise). It’s wet, we’re late, so now we have to drive which doesn’t impress anyone. Traffic sucks and it’s slow. We pull in beside the school and I stop the car. I sit without moving, deep breath. I try to dispel the negative energy that has built up in the few hours.

I get the kids out and walk to school. Another mom makes a comment on my rubber boots. A nice comment. A comment on how much she likes them. Nice. A smile appears. Thank you.

We make our way to the door. Kids are inside already due to the rain. I try to get the kids to run to catch the door before it closes, but of course tiny legs don’t move as fast as I’d like. A dad leaving the school stops and waits with the door open. He waits….and waits….and waits…until we finally arrive. Thank you.

Driving home with my two youngest I wait at the lights to turn on my street, wait for a large truck to turn first, hoping it moves before the streetcar unloads and chugs across the intersection in front of me. Too late, the street car closes it’s doors just as the truck completes it’s turn. What’s that? I can see through my rain spotted windshield the streetcar driver is waving me through! Thank you.

We’re almost home. I’m just about to turn into my driveway when a flood of cars appear from no where coming up the other way. As I stop and wait, cars stop and wait behind me, no where to go. Look at that. Some kind driver has stopped and given me enough space to turn into my driveway. Thank you.

The kids are in the house playing nicely together. I think, yes, I am, I’m humming a song. As I hum I check my email and there it is, the latest issue of the Yummy Mummy Club newsletter with my article at the top. Thank you.

Maybe this rainy day won’t be as bad as I thought.