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Foto Friday: A Missing Piece

Happy Foto Friday

I’m participating in Candid Carrie’s Friday Foto Finish Fiesta (visit her blog to see others). It’s not that I have an obsessive personality, but when my daughter suggested working on a puzzle together….

And after all that work

And after all that work

A Missing Piece: I use to do puzzles all the time. I actually owned one of those puzzle rolls (you know that piece of felt you build the puzzle on and then roll it up out of the way). I think I still have the puzzle roll in the basement. I wonder if there’s a puzzle rolled up inside it still?

Since we’re planning a trip to DisneyWorld next month, my oldest daughter wanted to work on this pin puzzle. I hesitated because my daughter doesn’t have the greatest attention span with some things. The largest puzzle she’s worked on, that we’ve worked on together has been twenty-five pieces. This was a five hundred piece puzzle. But that aside I still agreed to do the puzzle.

My original idea was to help with only a few pieces. But as soon as my fingers touched one of those cut-out pieces I was hooked. I worked on the puzzle with my daughter, who quickly lost interest in it (no surprise), but I kept going. It didn’t help that it was on the dining room table, calling me every time I came near it. While I waited for my computer to start up, I placed a Mickey piece. Clearing the breakfast dishes, some Donald Duck. Even last night at midnight I was working on it.

And the closer the puzzle got to being finished, the more obsessed I got with completing it. At this stage I was no longer doing a fun puzzle with the kids, I was on a mission to complete it, forget the kids (though really they had no interest and were wondering why I wasn’t feeding them dinner).

And the moment came, the last piece. I placed it in and stood back looking at all my work. And what should I see staring back at me? One glaring empty hole where a puzzle piece should be. Oh crap! It might be hiding in the dining room somewhere, but it’s more likely that it’s been sucked up by the vacuum yesterday. And the worst part is I want to do another puzzle. Between blogging and doing puzzles I’ll never get any writing done.