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Thanksgiving Outing: Leaves, Running and Slide Stunts

Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving which we celebrated at my mom’s house north of the city. My sister and her ever increasing family were coming over to celebrate with us on the Sunday so we arrived a day early. This gave me time to spend with my mom and the kids to hang out with grandma.

My mom’s home backs on to the escarpement so it’s like a natural wonderland for the kids when we show up.

Not far from my mom’s house is a park with a modernized playground for kids. It’s one of those parks that are suppose to be more accessible to everyone. I loved the musical playground as we entered. They had steel drums and pipe drums the kids could play but my favourite was the standing pipe instrument made with steel and plastic pipes. Kids could run their hands across the pipes to make sound.

They also had a lot of climbing structures and a triple slide. The competitive side of my son had him setting up races between himself and his little sister. But these slides have their own built-in fun with turns and bumps so when my son tried to do some crazy stunt by sliding down on his feet he ended up riding the rail for a short part. Thank goodness he didn’t fall off. Of course I wasn’t quick enough to stop him but I did capture it on the camera. Funny how these things happen.

Remember merry-go-rounds in school playgrounds when you were growing up? I do. They were one of my favourite, running around to make it spin fast and then jumping on to enjoy the ride. I was saddened to hear that many of these merry-go-rounds were actually removed from playgrounds as they were deemed dangerous. But at this playground they had a super structure merry-go-round. Imagine a rope ladder wrapped around in a cone shape then put on a spinning platform. That’s what this was and my two kids loved it. My 3-year old climbed up near the top and sat there as the thing swung around. My son loved jumping in and out of the cone, swinging out from the top and all sorts of crazy stunts. Sounds so much safer than the merry-go-rounds we use to use right? [snort]

Practicing for Winter

You may remember the video of my son and younger daughter doing their crazy slide tricks. I thought that was bad enough until I turned around and caught my two older kids doing this:

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that my son came up with the ‘bright’ idea. I mean, he’s the one with the creative way to solve those pesky slide puzzles.

And when asked what made him do it: Winter’s coming and we want to tobogganing but we don’t have snow yet. It’s almost like tobogganing down the big hill.

Hopefully the snow will arrive before a trip to the emergency room.

Did the weatherman call for rain?

The morning started well with a walk over to Brad’s for a late breakfast full of chocolate chip teddy bear pancakes, warm apple crepes, fruit and salad. But when we started our walk home the sky grew dark except for flashes of light. Thunder rumbled in the background. Since we didn’t bring umbrella we picked up our pace walking home. But even dodging under the large tree canopies couldn’t save us.

No need for a bath tonight!

No need for a bath tonight!

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumb’s Other Half

We had a play structure installed in our backyard when I was expecting my third child (so my older kids could play while I was laying on the ground enjoying my morning sickness). It’s really come in handy. Like yesterday for example. I had some work to do in the backyard so I took my two youngest with me to play (I worked, they played). My son is a wanna-be circus clown and his younger sister is a wanna-be in training. I guess I should have been paying better attention:

This is actually tame for the two of them. In case you can’t make it out, they’re sliding down on the front half of a child’s plastic wheelbarrow. I say front half because my ‘clever’ son figured out the back half slows you down and therefore removed it. I usually give the kids a little leeway when it comes to playing in the backyard since the school playground has so many rules. But really if you think about the school rules, they’ re in place for a reason, so kids don’t do ridiculous things that get themselves killed. So of course I had to give the speech that what they were doing was dangerous, but not before I captured it on video (I guess that makes me Tweedle Dumb Mum).

Enjoy your weekend!

From Training Wheels to Two Wheeling

Look mom, no trainers

Look mom, no trainers

My kids have always had access to bikes, though I was never that good at getting the kids out on them to practice. My oldest daughter was riding a bike with training wheels last summer. She never really seemed all the comfortable riding. I attributed it to her lack of practice and comfort on the bike.

My hope is to get the kids out on their bikes more this year. There are certain things all kids should learn when growing up: how to swim, how to skate and how to ride a bike. When I was a kid, my bike was more than a way of getting around, it was a sense of freedom. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to get my daughter use to her bike so I can send her outside to ride around the neighbourhood on her own. I mean she’s only seven.

The new school enables us to walk and in the Spring my oldest actually scootered there. By the end of term I noticed her balance on the scooter had really improved.

That’s when the crazy idea hit me — time to take the training wheels off my daughter’s bike.

So one weekend the training wheels came off and my husband took my girl over to the school playground to practice. They were gone for over two hours. I tried to continue my work in the backyard but all I kept thinking about was how the riding was going. I arbitrarily made the decision to take the training wheels off, but I wasn’t the one who had to ride the bike. Was my daughter sitting in the school yard, kicking her bike and cursing my name? Or worse, sitting in the emergency room waiting for stitches (though I’m sure my husband would call if that was the case). Was I trying to push her into something she wasn’t ready for?

As I prepare my acceptance speech for The Worst Mother of the Year award,  my husband and daughter walked through the back gate. No stitches or casts or tears, just all smiles. Her first attempt on her two wheeler, success. And now there’s no stopping her.

Hooray for Saturday!

swinging in the park