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It’s Shrove Wednesday

I know, I know, it’s actually Shrove Tuesday which was yesterday. We were all excited to have pancakes for dinner like every year but my oldest is taking first communion classes at our church. What does that have to do with pancake Tuesday? Well it shouldn’t be relevant at all except the teachers decided to schedule the family night on Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday. You’d think if any group would try to reschedule to avoid conflicting with a religious event, it would be a religious institution. But I guess not.

So we’re celebrating Shove Wednesday at our house. Blueberry pancakes it is. I even went all out and made pancakes from scratch. That’s right no pre-packaged pancakes for us. I borrowed Joy of Baking‘s Blueberry Pancake recipe.

And really, pancakes taste just as good on Wednesday as they do on Tuesday, especially after I convinced my son we didn’t need to toss ash on them to commemorate Ash Wednesday.