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ziplogoWe don’t watch a lot of TV in our house so it doesn’t make much sense to pay for cable or satellite. But we do enjoy a good movie and living  in a big city leaves us in no short supply of movie rental places, one of which is located down the street. Even with a location so close, it never seems to occur to me to drop in and rent something. I had heard about this online movie rental service called and thought about giving it a try.

Doing a little research I found out that is Canada’s leading online video online rental service. They have an extensive library of over 72,000 movies in standard DVD, HD DVD and Blue-ray formats (the latter two don’t play on a standard DVD player) which they deliver right to your door.

Free Two Week Trial

You probably know how a cable package works. You probably know how renting a video at the store works. Well, makes it easy for you to experience how their service works by offering a free two week trial. After answering a few questions my account was set-up (note: you do need a credit card to set-up the free trial, but no charges will be applied if you cancel before your trial ends).

You can choose from one of seven rental plans starting as low as $.5.95/month which entitles you to two movies during that month. That’s less than $2.78/movie. I choose the basic plan of $5.95 knowing that at any time I could change my plan easily online at no penalty to myself.

Your Ziplist

Once I my account was set-up the only thing left to do in order to get my first movie sent to me was to build my ziplist. Your ziplist contains all the movies you wish to see. These can be new releases or old favourites. You can even add not yet released movies on your list so You create this list by searching and ‘zipping’ movie titles found on the site. You can search by categories, popular, highest rated (members can review and rate movies on the site), title, or name (actor/director). You can also place the movies in the order you’d like to see them, though you may not receive them in that order, this depends on what’s in stock. But will do it’s best to send things out based on your priority list. You can add to and delete (unzip) movies on your list at any time. recommends you have a list of at least 20 movies to ensure they will have something to send to you in a timely fashion. Now that your list is done all you need to do is sit back and wait for your first movie to arrive.

No Return Date or Late Fees

And don’t worry if you don’t have time to watch your movie when it arrives. When you rent from you don’t need to return the movie until you’re done, whenever that is, and there’s no late fees. Just pop your movie in the nearest mailbox with the self-addressed, prepaid envelop that comes with your movie and your next one will be on its way.

Additional Features has some additional features on their site which are kind of cool:

  • Join the Online Community.You can rate and review movies, participate in online forums and discussions with other members, share zip lists with friends.
  • Zip Refill. Once you’ve watched a movie, you can check-off that the film is done and is being returned. This enables to start processing your next movie (depending on your plan) even before your first film has been returned.
  • Zip Rewards. By recommending movies, writing reviews, rating movies and even just having a membership, you earn points. These points can be redeemed for a free movie rental beyond your existing plan or a free month of your current membership and a few other things. It doesn’t cost you anything to participate.

Customer Service

One last thing I should mention that I think is really important and is often over looked, how you are taken care of as a customer. I’ve had first hand experience dealing with when I received a cracked, unplayable disc (this can happen, though I’ve heard it’s rare). The process was easy. Through my ziplist I could report the disc I was returning and what the problem was. I received a follow-up email from informing me that another copy of this movie would be sent to me if I wished, PLUS they were going to send me another movie off my ziplist for free. Both discs arrived a few days later. I was very impressed.



  • Movies are delivered right to your mailbox at no additional cost (shipping costs are covered in your membership fees)
  • Membership for as little as $5.95/month (that’s less than $2.78/movie whether it’s a blockbuster or a family favourite
  • No late fees or return deadline to meet. Just pop the movie into your nearest mailbox when you’re done.
  • Added features online (community and zip rewards)
  • Amazing customer service.


  • You don’t know when you’re movie will arrive or what the movie will be.
  • If a broken or defective movie arrives, you will have to wait for a new one to be shipped to you.

So whether you live in a rural area or the big city, can meet your movie rental needs. I enjoy coming home to one of the red envelops. And it doesn’t matter what the movie is since everything on my ziplist is something I want to see. And their two week free trial makes it even easier for you to give them a try. Oh, and if you do try them out, be sure to tell them I sent you. Now go enjoy a movie.