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Mamma Mia: A Night with Mirvish and Yummy Mummy Club

Thanks to the Yummy Mummy Club and Mirvish Productions, I had the opportunity to attend a performance of Mamma Mia with fellow Yummy Mummy Club members. The timing was perfect as a Mother’s Day treat for myself and a birthday gift for my 8-year-old daughter, who happens to be a bit of a Dancing Queen herself.

The evening started off with dinner at Il Fornello (I had a delicious fig pizza. Yum!). Many of the gals going brought either their moms or daughters; it was a great night. My daughter loved connecting with Erica’s daughter. I think the girls loved Jill’s art lessons (my daughter’s been drawing Snoopy heads everywhere now).

We arrived at the theatre and of course the first thing my daughter says to me…‘is that popcorn I smell?’ Yes, she’s a little popcorn obsessed. I don’t make popcorn at night because I’m sure the aroma would wake her from a sound sleep. Well this was our girls night out so I gave in and bought her popcorn.

I love that the Princess of Wales Theatre, where Mamma Mia is playing until June 27, 2010, has booster seats for the smaller audience members. We’re not talking about those plastic seats you find in the movie theatres or restaurants, these booster seats are nice velvet booster seats, like the main seats in the theatre. My daughter felt like she was sitting on her throne. Sadly we were allowed to take pictures inside the theatre, even before the show started.

The show itself is about 2-and-a-half hours long, with 1 intermission but it seemed to pass by so quickly. I knew all the songs accept two and couldn’t help but dance a little in my seat. I was tempted to sing-along but thought those sitting next to me wouldn’t enjoy that as much as the professional singers. My daughter wasn’t as concerned and sang her heart out.

I’ve never seen the movie Mamma Mia so I had no real expectations except for hearing the ABBA songs. It’s hard to imagine how a series of songs could be worked into a cohesive story, but they did it and did it well. For the most part the costumes were simple, regular clothing style except for the scene where Donna (the mother) performs with her old band mates, pictures those white sparkly costumes ABBA use to wear. There was a lot of dance and movement, keeping the actors constantly moving. I especially loved the two scenes where they were decked out in scuba gear (hard to explain, but great to watch).

At the end of the show, the cast all came out on stage and sang and danced a few of the more popular ABBA songs. Surprisingly not many people at that nights show stood-up to dance. I’m not one to put myself out there but I could tell my daughter was itching to get up and dance and she didn’t want to do it herself. Being the good mom I am, I swallowed my nerves and stood-up mid the seated audience and clapped and danced along with her. She loved it. And you know what, I survived too. I had so much fun and Mirvish Productions has a number of great shows planned this season; I might just have to head back.

As if dinner and the show wasn’t fun enough, our wonderful group had the chance to meet some of the cast members after the show. My daughter even had her program signed. I have to thank Jackie Yovanoff since she took both of the images I’ve included. You can see more of her photos of the event here.

Yummy Mummy’s can see Mamma Mia at a discounted rate for shows running from May 4 to June 4, 2010. For more information on the discount and where to buy your tickets, visit the Yummy Mummy Club Mamma Mia event page.

If you haven’t seen Mamma Mia yet, you should. And if you have seen it, it’s worth seeing again before the show leaves this summer. And to get you into the mood, here’s a little Dancing Queen:

Admission to Mamma Mia for myself and my daughter was covered by Mirvish Productions.