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MagaBrands, Dora and CN Tower

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Mom Central Canada, my family was given the opportunity to come out and meet Dora. You know Dora the Explorer. My 3-year-old was beside herself with excitement. I probably shouldn’t have told her until the morning of our visit. That would have saved countless ‘Do we see Dora today?’ Followed by great sobs when I had to tell her it wasn’t time yet.

We were to meet Dora down at the CN Tower. MegaBrands and Dora were going to be there as part of a March Break event that was going on. It had been awhile since I had been to the CN Tower and I don’t think my youngest has been there at all, so of course being the good mom I am I decided to make a full adventure of it…and take the TTC down!

Actually it wasn’t as bad as all that. We bought a day pass for all of us (we had another event later that day to attend). The kids loved taking the streetcar and subway. We were lucky that it wasn’t too busy, considering it was rush hour when we left. I am glad I allowed a lot of extra time because we arrived right on time.

I had a chance to meet a few of the other Mom Central Canada moms I’ve only talked to online, like Wendy (@MapsGirl), Lindsay (@LindsayGlowbaby), Rebecca (@playcon) and Diana (@TeacherMomofTwo). It was great running into Maureen again too (@WeeWelcome).

Funny, I knew my 3-year-old was excited to see Dora, but when Dora walked into the room, my 5-year-old son was the first one to greet her. All three of my kids wanted to hug Dora and get a picture with her.

After a little meet and greet with Dora we were given a tour of the CN Tower. I forgot about the glass elevators. Thank goodness I was taking pictures of the kids and didn’t notice how high we were going. My two youngest loved it.

We also visited the glass floor. Now it seems my adventurous kids weren’t so adventurous. My son insisted emphatically that he wasn’t going on the glass. I eventually coaxed him on but he didn’t stay long.

Then it was another elevator ride up the highest public part of the CN Tower, the Sky Pod. We were lucky the weather was so clear; we had a great view around the city.

At the end, the wonderful folks at MegaBrands gave each family a few of their items to try. My 3-year-old was thrilled when she saw the new Dora Mermaid set (especially after experiencing Barbie Mermaid). And the next day all three of my kids were playing with the combined MegaBloks sets quietly and cooperatively for at least an hour. Any toy that can do that belongs in our family.

Of course no trip downtown would be complete without an exhaust dog (or sausage in our case) and then a weary subway ride home.

Thank again to the folks at MegaBrands and Mom Central Canada. We had a wonderful time.

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