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Is the grass really greener in the country?

Country life

Country life

This happens every time I go to visit my sister. After fighting the traffic and the asses that cut you off or weave through and around the other cars, after passing the shopping malls and rows and rows of cookie cutter houses you enter an open green space full of small towns and farms and cattle and a handful of cars.

You probably know my desire to get out of the city, which is kind of funny considering I purposefully moved here because it is the big city. But my reasons for coming here twenty years ago have changed. Perhaps I don’t use the facilities the city offers as often as I use to, though I still pay for them. Yeah, a little. Perhaps I’m tired of having my neighbours watching us in the backyard. Yeah, kind of creepy. Perhaps I’m tired of being polite to all the rude people. Definitely. There are a lot of little reasons I want to move versus one big reason. The city was great when I moved here, but now with young kids I’m looking for something else. And by something else I don’t mean a home in suburbia. I think that would be worse.

So my husband and I have mentally decided we’d like to get out, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Living out of the city might be cheaper, but you still have expenses to pay so work is essential. Thus the problem. But that doesn’t stop us from going through the MLS site, checking out turn of the century homes on acres of land.

I know what you city dwellers are thinking. Yes there’s less selection of stores and items in the store, but how many types of bread do you need to choose from. I’m sure I would survive. Yes there would be less to do nearby. I may have to drive to one town to get groceries and another town for the kids swimming lessons and another town to catch a movie. But with three young kids who tire easily, I seem to spend a lot of time in the car anyway. Yes I might have to give up on visiting my local Indian or Thia restaurant but cutting down on eating out is probably good thing for both health and money reasons. And many small towns have celebrations around their own farming community culture. I think I’d enjoy celebrating my own English/Scottish heritage for once, which seems to get lost in the big city. I’d like some quiet and space, though the bugs might be an issue.

Would moving to the country live-up to my expectations? Because once you’re out of the city it’s hard to get back in. I don’t know, but I think there’s only one way to find out and at this point I think I’m ready to take the risk. Now all we need is the kick in the ass to get us there.