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Lego Master Builders and the New Lego Store

The first Lego store in Ontario (only the second in Canada) officially opened last Friday in Sherway Gardens shopping centre. To celebrate the store gave away prizes and gifts to shoppers and held a big Lego build in the center of the mall with a Lego Master.

You know how my kids love Lego (like most kids their age) so of course we hopped over to check it out. You can read all about the weekend celebrations on EverythingMom‘s Toronto edition. The kids had a great time and after helping with the build project they earned their own Lego Master Builder certificates.

The Santa Claus Parade Favourites

Last Sunday we went to our local Santa Claus Parade, which just happens to be the biggest in the country. My husband and I have gone to the parade together almost 20-years (only the last 8-years have been with kids). It’s a different feeling seeing the parade with kids in tow. We sang Christmas songs, handed in letters to Santa, caught candy being tossed out by crazy clowns and enjoyed the somewhat commercialized floats.

When I go to the parade, the bands are my favourite, especially a band with bagpipes. Have I told you my deep down desire to learn to play the pipes? That’s a whole other post. For the kids, seeing the floats is their favourite. My kids enjoyed all the floats but it was obvious what their favourites were.

No surprise that my 3-year old went crazy for both the Tangled and Barbie A Fashion Fairytale floats. You may remember we had a chance to see the first Canadian screening of the Tangled move before it was released in theatres and the Barbie a Fashion Fairytale before it came out on DVD. You can imagine her excitement seeing her two favourite characters appearing before her, super-sized. She was thrilled beyond belief.

My son almost fell on the people in front of us he was so excited seeing the Lego float. My son loves Lego. Actually love isn’t nearly strong enough, more like obsessed. And it was a great float. Seeing the larger-than-life characters gave them a sense that they were indeed real, not just a toy. Of course after this float my son wanted to get home and watch the Lego movie The Adventures of Clutch Powers. I actually hope they bring out more Lego movies; even I enjoyed that film.

My oldest daughter was excited to see the Little Big Planet 2 float, though I didn’t get any photos of it. We’re a bit of a gaming family and that’s her game of choice. I liked seeing the Potato Heads. I missed them when I was at BlogHer in New York City but they found me here in Toronto not too long after my return.

But no parade would be complete without the jolly man himself, Santa. I love that both kids and adults alike, waved and wished Santa a Merry Christmas. And now that Santa has arrived, it’s now time for me to get ready for the holidays. Deck the halls and drink some eggnog, fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la!

Review: Lego Adventures of Clutch Powers (DVD)

So how did you kick off March Break at your house? Us? With a Saturday afternoon movie of course. Earlier in the week we were watching a movie we rented from the library when we spotted the trailer for Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers; a full-length feature film based on Lego characters. My son starred wide-eyed in awe at the movie trailer. So imagine his surprise when a few days later someone sent us a copy of that very movie! [insert image of a 5-year-old doing a bit of a happy dance].

With my son’s Lego fixation (we even established a Lego building area in his room), it’s no surprise he wanted to watch this movie. So we watched it. And we watched it again. And again. In one day Lego: The Adventure of Clutch Powers has been watched four times! And if I allowed it, my son would keep watching it.

And actually I don’t really blame him. The picture quality is actually quite good, better than I was expecting, but I guess when you have the Lego name attached to it you have to make it good. The story is fun:

Meet Clutch Powers, the best builder and explorer in the LEGO® universe as he heads off on his most dangerous mission yet. Join Clutch and his team of LEGO® experts as their adventure leads them from LEGO® City to the Space Police prison planet to the medieval world of Ashlar where they must help the rightful heir to the King’s throne find the courage to regain the kingdom from the evil wizard Mallock the Malign.

Their brick-building skills will be put to the ultimate test as they face off against Mallock’s skeleton army. Get ready for an action-packed adventure like nothing you have ever seen before, The Adventures of Clutch Powers! (pulled from the official Lego Clutch Powers website)

We’re big fans of the Wii Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman games and Lego: Adventures of Clutch Powers has the same sort of feel. My son loved seeing some of his favourite Lego sets come to life and screen and his favourite part was when the character’s built things on the spot. The adventure contained the same fun humour in the Lego Wii game vignettes. Because the movie is based on the Lego characters, we didn’t need to worry about scary scenes but it was still a great adventure story.

If you have a Lego fan in your house, Lego: Adventures of Clutch Powers might be a great addition to your home video library. Wonder what we’ll be watching on our road trip later this week?