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Riding the Subway

Today my 3-year old and I had to head downtown for a media event so what better way to get there than by subway. My daughter enjoyed people watching: the girl dancing with her headphones on in her gold sparkle shoes, the lady with the bright pink and black hair, the man talking to no one.

On our way home we were able to get the last seat in the last car of the subway. My daughter loved watching the subway station disappear to a dot of light and waving at the waiting passengers (even if they didn’t notice her waving).

My daughter noticed me taking pictures of her and loved seeing herself on camera so she asked if she could take pictures herself. Here’s her subway experience as seen through her eyes.

I’m pretty sure these aren’t my pictures

I wanted to copy some images from my camera on to my computer but remembered I left my camera in my oldest daughter’s room. I asked her to grab it for me. And when I went to check the images, this is what I found:




I may not have the best memory, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t take these (the Barbie cook book is the giveaway). No wonder it took so long for my daughter to ‘find’ my camera in her room.