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Magic for the Emergency Room

I think most kids like magic; my kids are no different. At the grocery store this morning my I caught my five-year-old son showing his younger sister his newest magic trick. He has a penny (which he found on the dirty ground outside the grocery store I should add) and he explains how he’s going to make it disappear from his hand and then make it reappear somewhere else. He squeezes his hand tight around the penny and asks his sister to blow on his fist (magic is part showmanship you know). Then he waves his hand around in the air, grabs his head and shakes it back and forth then stops. He slowly opens his hand to show the penny is gone. His sister lets out a dramatic gasp.

So where did his penny disappear to? He reaches up to his ear and pulls it out. Impressed? Maybe if it wasn’t for the fact that my son had jammed the penny into his ear during his trick to later pull it out. Thank goodness he was able to get it out and that he didn’t try his trick with something smaller. So we’ve put that trick on the back burner. But I know it won’t be long before he goes up to the privacy of his room and practices it, unsuccessfully, resulting in us performing the reveal part of the trick in the emergency room.'s magic!