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What have I ever done to you Karma?

A good aura, karma, positive energy, whatever you call it, I’ve always been a believer in the idea that your attitude can effect things in your life. You know, a positive attitude yields positive results. If you know my kids, it’s not a surprise to hear them utter the expression ‘what goes around, comes around.’

Maybe it’s just my way of dealing with the idiot who cuts me off in the parking lot or the kid who says something hurtful to my child. It gives me a sense of justice that people who treat others like shit will eventually get treated like shit. It’s comforting (and it sometimes stops me from doing something I’ll regret later, like keying that idiot’s car).

But lately I’ve been doubting my own philosophy. For the last four days I’ve been trying to make an extra effort at home, getting up before anyone else so I can get a shower in, recharge my energy, maybe shake my negative morning person attitude (as I’m not a morning person). It just so happens the same days I’ve been doing this change, at least one of my kids has been waking up in the middle of the night and thereby waking me up. A sound scared her, he has to go to the bathroom, she can’t find her sleeping buddy. And it’s always me, mom, they go to.

So now my six hours of sleep (I have a bad habit of staying up late which makes me the last to bed and the first one up) are interrupted. Which means I’m really only getting two three hour naps and probably less than than since it takes me some time to get back into my sleep rhythm.

So day four, I’m cranky and wondering what have I ever done to you karma? I hope things change soon.