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iPad Road Trip

t’s funny to read the different opinions when it comes to the Blackberry versus the iPhone as the preferred mobile phone. I’m an iPhone fan; I do everything with it: surfing, email, music, games, grocery shopping list. You get the idea.

So when I heard about Apple’s iPad I had to have. We tried pre-ordering but couldn’t since we’re in Canada and they were only releasing the US version. So my husband suggested a road trip. This would mean standing in line for hours and still not be guaranteed to receive one; especially after reports that Apple didn’t know if they’d have enough iPads to meet in-store pre-order pick-ups. But my husband had already talked to the Apple store in Buffalo; they would have a lot of iPads and he was willing to go over early and stand in line (while we sleep and watch hot cable TV). How could I pass up a mini vacation with the possibly of coming home with one of the first iPads. Buffalo it is.

The original plan was to leave early, EARLY Saturday morning and stay over that night, but we wanted to be home for Easter Sunday and I didn’t even want to think how early EARLY would have to be to get there on time. Instead we left on Good Friday and good thing too. Traffic from the city to the border was heavy and slow.

It took us twice as long as usual to get to the border and the border wait was almost an hour. Thank goodness for electronic fun. The kids had a chance to try out some new DS games from Disney Interactive that we will be reviewing and giving away soon on EverythingMom.

We checked in at the Millennium Hotel and then went out for dinner and some shopping. Tummies full and ready for some cable TV (which we don’t have at home so the kids were really looking forward to it) we headed back to our room only to find out what they gave us wasn’t what I booked. Thankfully with the help of the Millennium Hotel‘s public relations on Twitter, I was able to resolve this.

There were two lines in the mall; one for those who pre-ordered and were just picking up and another for those buying them. My husband was 10th in the buying line when he arrived at 6a.m.(he was photographed with others hanging out in line), but by the time the Apple store opened at 10a.m. he estimated about 400 people in each line. They started to let the pre-order pick-up line in around 9a.m. though the buying line had to wait until the store opened.

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My husband said he was surrounded by other Canadians who had made the trek down to get their iPad too. You can see some video from Buffalo News (with my husband peeking). I received a text message from my husband around 10:30 a.m. saying he had the iPads in his hand (he grabbed two).

When he arrived back at the hotel, we had 20 minutes before we had to check-out but that didn’t stop me from opening my iPad to see it for myself. I even drove home with it in my lap even though I could do nothing with it yet.

It’s hard to believe we made the trip; the experience is a blur. I’m still getting use to my iPad, getting it set-up to work with the rest of my macs, but I must admit I love the experience so far.

This post was done on my iPad in the backyard while enjoying the Spring weather.