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Top 10 Tuesday: Things I Hope to Accomplish at BlogHer

I can’t believe I leave for New York City this Thursday, off to attend the blogging and social media conference BlogHer for the first time. I am excited but completely stressed also. I’ve actually been pretty busy so I haven’t had a lot of time to dwell on the event (which also means I haven’t had a lot of time to prepare for it either). Some blog posts I’ve been reading have helped (like the ones I listed on my Top 10 post last week).

Now with the day so close I’m starting to focus on what I want to get from this event. So for Oh Amanda‘s Top 10 Tuesday blog post I’m putting together a list of the Top 10 Things I Hope I Accomplish at BlogHer.

  1. Eat Well. Yes it’s a conference but we’re talking about New York City. How can you go to New York City and not enjoy the amazing food it has to offer. My husband wants me to check out the restaurants but I’m really interested in trying some of the unique and delicious street food; stuff we can’t get here.
  2. Organize Myself. Thanks to Michele McGraw (@scrappinmichele) for putting the entire BlogHer schedule online so I could import it into my calendar. I now have everything right on my phone for easy access. Hopefully I won’t miss any of the sessions I really want to attend and the parties I’ve RSVP’d for.
  3. Crack out of My Shell. I’m really, really, REALY, going to make an effort to break out of my comfortable shell. It’s safe behind my computer and on twitter but the times I have met people face-to-face have been so rewarding. I don’t want my insecurities and introverted nature to limit me from some great encounters (I think I can, I think I can).
  4. See the Sights. This will be my first trip to New York City (hopefully not my last but who knows when I’ll be back). I know the days and nights will be busy but I want to get out and see some of the sights that New York City is known for. I’m attending Carol Cain‘s (@NYCityMama) New York City bus tour at night so that should be a lot of fun.
  5. Buy Souvenirs. My kids have a collection of iconic souvenirs based on places they have been or my husband has traveled (like the Space Needle from Seattle, the Liberty Bell from Philedelphia). Now’s my chance to add to their collection so I need to get out to get something that is very New York City.
  6. Take Care of Myself. Based on my calendar and the stories I’ve heard from past BlogHer attendees, I need to make a concerted effort to take care of myself during these few days I’m away. That means drinking (besides cocktails), grabbing more than an appitizer to eat and getting a few hours of sleep.
  7. Be Flexible. I know I have a plan about what conferences I want to attend but I need to ensure I don’t let my schedule dictate my entire trip. This may seem like a contradiction to point 2 but I need to ensure I have some flexibility in my day to take advantage of last minute events or meet-and-greats, even if it means a missed event or a late party attendance.
  8. Take Photos. I’m bringing my camera and my flip and my iPhone (which has a built-in camera) so hopefully I’ll remember to take a snap or too of what’s going on, if only to remind myself what I did over those crazy 3 days. More important than taking photos, I need relinquish control of my camera and let someone else take pictures for me, with ME in them.
  9. Skype Goodnight. I’ll admit it, I’m looking forward to getting away, taking a bit of a break from the kids and household responsibilities, of sleeping in a big bed by myself, of having an uninterrupted shower. But that said, I know I will miss my kids. I’m so excited to have discovered Skype earlier this year (yes, a little slow I know), now I’ll be able to say goodnight to my kids face-to-face so to speak.
  10. Take Advantage of Everything. BlogHer will offer so many opportunities to me: learning how to help my personal blog as well as the work I do at EverythingMom, reconnecting with some fabulous ladies I already know, meeting some others I’ve only known online, growing my own confidence and so much more. BlogHer is only a short period of time and I know it will be over before I know it so I hope I can take advantage of everything BlogHer can offer me.

Hopefully having this list will help me to focus when my mind overloads when I get there. If you’re going to BlogHer this year, what’s on your list?


Top Ten Tuesday: Posts to Read Before Going to BlogHer

I can’t believe it, in a little over one week I’ll be flying to New York City to attend the social media and blogging conference, BlogHer. I am excited, really I am, but I’m also petrified. This will be a trip of many firsts for me: my first trip to New York City, first time flying on my own, first time traveling without my family but most importantly my first time attending BlogHer (and really any such conference like this).

Like any new venture I tend to hover my fingers over Google and search everything I can find on it. So of course I’ve been doing the same thing, reading blog post after blog post on the topic of BlogHer. It’s been a great way for me to prepare myself but also to occupy my mind so I don’t flip-out the days leading up to my flight.

So for Oh Amanda‘s Top Ten Tuesday post I thought I would share the 10 Posts to Read Before Going to BlogHer.

  1. BlogHer –  A great post on what to wear to BlogHer. Not a checklist but more of a reality check to determine what makes sense for you to wear (and ultimately pack) for BlogHer
  2. Undomestic Diva –  A great overview of what to do to prepare before, during and after BlogHer
  3. Kim Tracy Prince –  Some great tips on what to bring and how to survive the conferences and parties
  4. Table 4 Five –  Another great list that covers things not mentioned elsewhere, especially drinking water.
  5. MomDot – This post is from last year but it made me laugh and is a great list of what NOT to do at BlogHer this year.
  6. Aiming Low – I love my iPhone and it will be glued to my hand during BlogHer so this list of NYC apps is great.
  7. The Culture Mom Blog – As this is my first trip to New York CIty I’m hoping I might get to see some of the city, maybe. This is a great list of things cover if time allows.
  8. Mom 101 – Based in a question/answer format, this covers some of those ‘not asked but certainly lurking in the back of your head’ type of questions.
  9. Motherhood in NYC – Another great list of things to see and do in New York City, covering things close to the Hilton Hotel where the conference is located.
  10. Miss Lori – I love this post too, addressing the whole swag issue and keeping perspective.

From reading these and the lessons my kids have taught me, I feel a little better, a little more confident about my impending trip. Ha, who am I kidding, I’m still freaking out but at least reading some of these blog posts and tweets online I know I won’t be the only BlogHer newbie freaking out.

If you’ve read some really good BlogHer posts leave the link below because I’d love to read them too. And if you’re heading to BlogHer, newbie or not, be sure to say ‘Hi’. I promise I don’t bite and I’ll make every effort not to hide behind the potted palm at the back of the room.