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A Parent is Born: What’s your advice?

A small package with big needs

A small package with big needs

I knew becoming a mom would be an adjustment and have challenges, as well as rewards of course, but I think I was a little naive. Okay, really naive. 

When I was expecting my first child I had my maternity leave all planned out. Along with spending quality time with my daughter interacting, learning and reading books together, I’d practice my yoga, learn a new recipe or two and work on my writing. 

Then reality hit! 

Through a lot of trial and error and a few tears I did learn a few things that first year, many tips that helped with coping with my next two children: 

  • Get on a daycare list right away. Even if you’re only thinking about returning to work, get yourself on a daycare list as soon as you can. Daycare spots, good daycare spots, are hard to come by. And don’t limit it to just one daycare. I was on five wait lists but only one came available when my leave was up.
  • Establish a bedtime routine early. Whether it’s a bath and a story or a message and a song, create a nighttime routine with your child and practice it daily. I didn’t have a regular routine for my first born and I think that made getting her to sleep at night difficult.
  • Every child is different. Having learned from my first born there are certainly things I did differently with my other two kids. But each child is different so don’t stress over the fact that something that worked with one child doesn’t work with another.
  • Set a realistic daily goal for yourself. At home with a baby it seems like you’ll have all sorts of free time, but kids require a lot of attention and energy. When planning your day limit your schedule to just one thing, like getting the laundry done or vacuuming the living room. It may not seem like much but between feeding and napping and playing and diapering you’ll find your day quickly disappears. Having one item on your schedule that you can accomplish won’t seem overwhelming.

Share Your Advice and Win 

I’m sure you learned a few things from raising your own kids. Or maybe there are a few things you wish other parents shared with you before you became a parent yourself. Pampers realizes how hard it is to be a new parent so they are creating Tip Sheets full of useful information and they need your help. They’re looking to you, the experts, for your best parenting tips to include. Visit Mom Central’s site and share either your best tip for parents returning to work or sleep tips for mom and baby and it might just appear in the ‘A Parent is Born’ collection for new parents to read. Plus you’ll also be entered to win one of twenty-five $20 gift cards or the grand prize of $500 cash. But be quick, Mom Central is only accepting tips until December 10, 2009 so get yours in now

I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central and received gift to thank me for taking the time to participate.

The hardest decision, so far

So my birthday is coming up this fall and over the last mmhmph years I’ve had to make a lot of decisions: getting married to the man I was living with, buying a car instead of using the public transit, leaving the job I knew for the job I didn’t, leaving the large inexpensive apartment for a larger more expensive house. But the hardest decision I’ve had to make so far, we’ve had to make so far, was the decision to have a baby, our first baby.

Every time we talked about having kids, it just never seemed to be the right time.

After getting married having a baby was the furthermost thing from our mind. I mean we just got married and wanted to spend some time together, just us. First anniversary, we bought a car and were enjoying the freedom to travel. Two years later we adopted second cat who ended up being pregnant and having six kittens. Taking care of those kittens confirmed we weren’t ready to take care of kids (the mother cat was sick and we had to feed them manually every 6hrs). Fifth anniversary and we were getting ready to move into our first house. We were enjoying renovating and hanging out with our friends.

Then there was work. We were just out of school when we got married and wanted to establish ourselves in our jobs. Then in our jobs, we wanted to get the next pay raise. There was always something. Then one day, eight years being married, we realized that there would always be something. If we wanted to have kids we just had to do it. And next thing we knew we were expecting our first child.

It's.... a baby

It's.... a baby

I knew I’d encounter difficult decisions in life, but somehow I never thought the decision to have kids would have been it. Was it a hard decision for you?