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Sliding into Grade One

The end of school is almost here for us. With the end of school comes graduation for some, like my 6-year-old son. Okay, I know he’s only moving from Senior Kindergarten into Grade 1. It’s not a huge deal as he’ll be at the same school, with the same friends. It does mean he’ll be at school for a full day, including lunch. That’s kind of a big deal. For that reason, because my son was excited about this transition, I was excited for him but I wasn’t going to get all mushy over the whole idea of his graduation. I mean, he’s not moving off to school, he’ll be coming home with me like he does every night. So I wasn’t going to get all caught up in the graduation hype. Yes, I offered to help decorate (one parent had a friend who donated her time and talent to make these amazing balloon sculptures in the gym):

And my oldest daughter was excused from class (as were any other kids who had siblings in the senior kindergarten class graduating). My youngest daughter of course had to sit up front with her big sister and her friends to watch.

Of course my son dressed in his finest graduation attire. To avoid any confusion, my son’s the one on the right (that might be a sign of how we all viewed the whole kindergarten graduation, it was a fun ceremony and not a life changing, off to college type of event).

I had said I wouldn’t get all emotional at the graduation mainly because it wasn’t a big deal. I was viewing this as more of a school ceremony but not having any real significance (though I wouldn’t tell my son that). I said I wouldn’t cry. Then of course my son’s teacher read her lovely speech about watching them grow and change and learn and develop and now she reluctantly returns them back to us, their parents or the new teacher. Oh man, just thinking about the speech makes a drop or two fall from my eyes. I said I wouldn’t cry and I did. And I wasn’t the only one.

The kids sang some songs and each child shared with everyone what they wanted to be when they were bigger. There were the standard responses: doctor, veterinarian, married, a mom. My son loudly and proudly proclaimed he wanted to be a toy inventor. It’s a step up from being a professional Lego builder, which was his last ambition, but I still think this career will have him living in our basement for a few years.

Then all the kids went on stage and as their names were read out they slid down from kindergarten into grade 1, where the principal greeted them and gave them their certificate. I love this shot of all the paper graduation hats.

Here’s some highlights:

Of course no graduation would be complete without a party. And there was lots of fun (mainly fruits and vegetables) but of course a nice big cake.

So as my son leaves kindergarten and heads off into a new school year, a new adventure known as grade one, my youngest will be starting her own adventure in junior kindergarten, with my son’s current kindergarten teacher. So I look forward to repeating my promise of not getting emotional or crying at her graduation too in two years time.