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Thanksgiving Tools for Guys

Canadian Thanksgiving just ended for us this past weekend. It was nice to get together with my family and have a big traditional turkey dinner. As I was helping my mom get everything ready it occurred to me that most of the work in the kitchen is handled by women. I’m not saying this is the case in every family but I’m sure most families would find this to be true.

As I was chopping potatoes I found myself thinking that more men would probably participate in the Thanksgiving dinner preparation if it was treated more like a handyman project, a job involving tools and fire and safety gear. Here are just a few ideas.

Forget the frilly apron if you want to get your husband cooking the Thanksgiving turkey next time. Instead try these unlined coveralls; they keep splatter off his good Thanksgiving T-shirt and put him in the ‘lets get to work’ mindset. For added protection he can wear safety goggles, such as these goggles with LEDs lights for seeing inside the turkey when stuffing it or for all-round protection there’s a full face shield. Now he’s ready to tackle the dinner project (and make sure to refer to it as a project or  some other manly word versus cooking dinner).

For starters, those potatoes could be cut with a hatchet and then boiled in a pot heated by a butane torch. Gravy can be added to the final dishes with a grease gun (ideally new and unused).

When it comes to the turkey, your guy can put the final glazing touches on it with a finishing paint brush (obviously one that’s never actually been used for painting) and truss up the bird with these  handy cable ties they seem to like to use on everything. For cooking I’m sure the Beer Can Chicken (modified as the Beer Can Turkey) will be their cooking method of choice.

When the tukey’s ready, this folding worktable can be brought out beside the dining table for carving the turkey. The adjustable table top makes it an ideal vice for holding the bird in one spot while cutting with your handy reciprocating saw.

I’m sure your guy is very handy but sometimes tools in hand can lead to mishaps so make sure to have a kitchen fire extinguisher on hand and ready to go in case of an emergency.

One last thing I should point out, if you are planning on getting your husband more involved with preparing Thanksgiving dinner (or Christmas dinner or any dinner in general) make sure to give him lots of notice. My husband likes to have a plan and sometimes a schematic drawing or two also; these take time to prepare.

DISCLAIMER: none of these cooking techniques or tools have been tested so I take no responsibility if your husband does in fact try to cook using these items.