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Was That Gun Fire?

We’ve been cleaning out our basement, our whole house actually. We certainly do accumulate a lot of stuff. Some things have been sitting around forever, waiting for that ‘someday I’ll use this’ kind of day. As I was taking garbage outside I noticed a bag my husband found downstairs. I had assumed it was garbage so I added it to my pile. But something inside me begged me to peek in the bag. Good thing too as the bag has little firecrackers in them. Can you imagine garbage day this week with boxes of these things being crushed in the back of the truck. Okay, maybe part of me wanted to actually see what would happen but my more thought out part vetoed that experiment.

Every time we take a road trip to the United States we pass a proliferation of fireworks warehouse stores. Every time we pass them my husband is drawn to them like a magnet. The problem is of course that we’re not allowed to bring them back over the border. Usually just wondering the fireworks store is enough to fill his need but on occasion he does get the urge to purchase something and it’s usually these small popper like firecrackers. Then they sit at home in our basement.

But what to do with firecrackers if you can’t toss them out (and don’t say soak them in water because that answer in no fun at all). There really is only one logical answer to this question. Set them off of course.

On our walk to the local pub for dinner last night the kids took turns tossing these Nitro Snaps. There sort of like caps; you throw them at a hard surface and they let off an audible pop and spark. The kids tossed them on the sidewalk, on the street at signposts, in the streetcar shelter . Our whole walk to and from the pub was full of POP, SNAP, BANG.

A few pedestrians walking by actually jumped a little and others quickened their pace. Nothing like ending your weekend with a BANG!