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Me and Mrs. Potato Head

Remember my celebrity post, the one about all the stars I met a BlogHer in New York City. There was one celebrity I didn’t get a chance to meet (though my three-year old received a postcard from her). That celebrity was Mrs. Potato Head.

Recently I had the chance to attend the Hasbro fall preview event, checking out the cool new toys coming out this Fall. The kids even had a chance to play with some of them. It certainly gave the kids lots of ideas for their Christmas lists. Seeing the toys was pretty cool. Even as an adult I love toys. I think that’s one reason why I had kids, so I had a legitimate reason for looking at, playing with and buying toys. But this visit was extra special for me because I finally had a chance to meet Mrs. Potato Head (thanks to the wonderful folks at Edelman Public Relations. She’s been welcomed into our home by little hands.

Celebrities I Met at BlogHer

So it turns out there were a number of celebrities heading out to BlogHer too. Now I’m not really a star seeker but there were some visiting BlogHer that I made an extra effort to meet:

If you’re a gaming family like us then you probably recognize Raving Rabbids. My kids did, though my son asked where his plunger was. Ubisoft had a booth in the exhibit hall and Raving Rabbids was there promoting his new game Raving Rabbids Travel in Time. Now I know my kids are going to start bugging about this.

Earth’s Best also had a booth in the exhibit hall and Elmo was there to promote the Sesame Street line of food. How could I not resist getting a photo with him. That night, while still in NYC, I skyped my three-year-old daughter and held up my camera. She screamed with excitement when she saw it was mom and Elmo together.

Who doesn’t love The Magic School Bus. I received an invitation to attend the Scholastic BlogHer breakfast and Ms. Frizzle was our guide on The Magic School Bus. Okay, maybe it was just a yellow school bus but I’m still young enough to pretend.

After the Scholastic breakfast we were invited to visit the Scholastic’s store, which was amazing. I wish they would open one of these up here; my kids would never want to leave. While at the store, WordGirl showed up (love her). Clifford was also there but I didn’t get close enough to snap a picture with him.

My real excitement was when I heard Elisha Cooper was in the store. I’ve reviewed both Beach and Farm so I was thrilled to meet him. Of course being a real person versus a character I couldn’t bring myself to get a picture with him but he did do two small sketches for me.

The other celebrity attending BlogHer I wanted to meet was Mrs. Potato Head but we just couldn’t connect. My three-year old enjoyed getting mail from her though.

Okay, so they’re not movie stars. Maybe it’s the kid in me but I was still thrilled to meet these guys. And my kids have a new sense of awe about me. That’s got to count for something right?