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Picture It Picture Books – Illustrated by Your Child

Books are big in our house as I’m sure you can guess from the Write a Review Wednesday posts every week. I love how books encourage learning, discovery and imagination. So when the folks at Mom Central Canada told me about Picture It Picture Books, I was interested to see these first hand how these would work.

The concept behind Picture It Picture Books is to tap into your child’s creative imagination. The stories are already written and your child adds the illustrations, sharing their interpretation of the story being told. There are currently 6 different titles available and the subject matter varies depending on your child’s interest. For younger kids there’s My Alphabet where kids illustrate something for each letter, something that might be more personal to them.

For older kids (and by older I mean maybe six or seven), there’s Captain Zane or The Moon Story. These are closer to stories to actual stories you might read and your child adds the illustrations.

The sample we were sent was Imagining Me, a story about your child. This isn’t really a story but rather a collection of pages about your child’s interests: their job when they grow-up, a wacky hairdo, playing with their best friend. I thought the Picture It Picture Books would be appealing to my 8-year old who has a current fascination with illustrating her own stories, but the sample didn’t appeal to her at all. She has a few books like this, books that she can customize based on her preferences and she had no interest in doing another one. This wouldn’t be one of the books I would have chosen either. For a book about your child, some of the pages are very specific and are of topics kids might have no interest in.

My 6-year old decided he liked a few of the pages, like developing a vehicle or designing a new toy (as his job) but that was the extent of his interest. I would love to see one of the more story oriented books to see if there would be more interest; the kids would actually be illustrating pictures of a story versus more of a workbook type activity (like the alphabet or Imagining Me).

The finished books do make great keepsakes for your kids as they grow-up or maybe even something to give to grandma (a story to read together when visiting and something grandma can enjoy because of the personal illustrations).

You can find the Picture It Picture Books on their website or at other stores and markets across the country.

I want to thanks the folks at Mom Central Canada and Picture It Picture Books for sending the review copy along to me.

A Homemade Mother’s Day

My 5-year-old son has a bit of flair for the dramatic. Okay, he’s a bit of a ham. Sometimes that ham comes disguised as a beautiful Mother’s Day flower:

The story is he was practicing his angry face the day his teacher took the picture. I must admit when I first pulled the flower out of the bag I jumped a little. Wouldn’t you? This flower is hanging on our school wall in the kitchen and every time I look at it I can’t help but smile and laugh. And you know, my son makes me do that every day (as do all my kids). Having his silly face greet me in the kitchen first thing in morning, usually when I don’t want to be up and running the kids to school, is kind of the best gift a mother could ask for.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Thanksgiving

gobble gobble

gobble gobble

I love my daughter’s creative eye. Who else would create a patchwork turkey with a sombrero?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!