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Write a Review Wednesday: A Flock of Shoes

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week we reviewed Mummy Mazes, A Monumental Book. With the colder weather setting in, this week’s book by Annick Press, A Flock of Shoes (age 4-7) written by Sarah Tsiang and illustrated by Qin Leng seems fitting. I have to thank Joanna at Annick Press for my review copy.


Abby Loved her sandals. All summer she walked and skipped and jumped in them. Abby and her sandals were inseparable. One Fall day while swinging, Abby’s sandals flew off her feet and just kept flying, heading south along with other sandals. Her mother bought her brand new boots but they weren’t the same as Abby’s sandals, which she missed very much. Eventually Abby started to really like her boots. All Winter she stomped and kicked and ran in her boots until one Spring day her boots hopped aboard a train heading North. But as her boots left for colder weather, Abby’s favourite sandals returned.

I don’t think I’m alone as a parent when it comes to convincing my kids to switch from Summer clothes into Fall clothes. Summer sandals have been a particularly touchy point with my 3-year old. My daughter enjoyed wearing her sandals so much; they are easy for her to put on and so many great memories are attributed to them. A Flock of Shoes was perfect to read. Sarah Tsiang does a wonderful job depicting just how connected a child can be with a piece of clothing and Quin Leng‘s watercolour illustrations compliment the warmth of the story. The story of summer shoes needing to go away somewhere warm is a delightful way to look at seasonal items. My 3-year old daughter loved the story and loved Abby and her shoes. Whether my daughter will give up wearing her sandals is another story

You can add a copy of A Flock of Shoes to your personal library by visiting your local bookstore. For other great books suggestions for kids, read through some of the past Write a Review Wednesday posts.

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Favourite Books I’ve Reviewed (so far)

I love books for kids. I love the imaginative characters, the whimsical illustrations, the unique story ideas. I love sharing these books with my kids, seeing them fret, cry, laugh, learn, discover along with the characters.

I’m fortunate that I get to indulge in my love of children’s literature each and every Wednesday by sharing with my blog readers some amazing new books being released by dedicated children’s book publishers. I can’t believe I’ve accumulated over 50 reviews on my blog so far. I’ve only reviewed books that I think are really good but sometimes there are some really great books that stand out in my mind. I thought this week for my Oh Amanda‘s Top Ten post I’d share with you my Top 10 Favourite Books I’ve Reviewed (so far, in no particular order).

  1. High Five with Julius and Friends, Touch and Feel (Boardbook, Raincoast books) – A touch and feel boardbook based on Paul Frank’s lovable characters.
  2. The Secret Lives of Princesses (Picture Book, 7+, Sterling Kids Publishing) – A beautifully illustrated and witty tale of those lesser known princesses.
  3. Wolf Wanted (Picture Book, 4-7, Groundwood Books) – A clever twist on combining fictitious wolf characters with the plight of real wolves around the world.
  4. Meeow and the Big Box (Picture Book, 2-5, Sterling Kids Publishing) – A simple yet wonderful view of a young child’s imagination as seen through the behaviour of Meeow and his friends.
  5. Ivy and Bean (Chapter Book, 6-10, Raincoast Books) – A series of chapter books (6 so far) that follow the adventures and friendship of two seven-year-old girls.
  6. Monsterologist (Poetry, 4+, Sterling Kids Publishing) – A fictitious journal recounting the various spookies and scaries recorded by a Monsterologist.
  7. Thing-Thing (Picture Book, 4-7, Tundra Books) – A heartfelt tale of a stuffy’s journey as he’s carelessly discarded out an apartment window.
  8. OK GO (Picture Book,  ,Greenwillow Books ) – A graphically engaging story about taking care of the environment around us.
  9. Chicken Pig Cow (2-5, Annick Press) – A tale of 3 plasticine friends and their friendship.
  10. Alison Dare (Graphic Novel, 8+ ,Tundra Books) – A fun and adventurous tale of a young girl explorer.

If you’re interested in other great books for kids, read through some of the past Write a Review Wednesday posts and come back each Wednesday for new books.