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Picture It Picture Books – Illustrated by Your Child

Books are big in our house as I’m sure you can guess from the Write a Review Wednesday posts every week. I love how books encourage learning, discovery and imagination. So when the folks at Mom Central Canada told me about Picture It Picture Books, I was interested to see these first hand how these would work.

The concept behind Picture It Picture Books is to tap into your child’s creative imagination. The stories are already written and your child adds the illustrations, sharing their interpretation of the story being told. There are currently 6 different titles available and the subject matter varies depending on your child’s interest. For younger kids there’s My Alphabet where kids illustrate something for each letter, something that might be more personal to them.

For older kids (and by older I mean maybe six or seven), there’s Captain Zane or The Moon Story. These are closer to stories to actual stories you might read and your child adds the illustrations.

The sample we were sent was Imagining Me, a story about your child. This isn’t really a story but rather a collection of pages about your child’s interests: their job when they grow-up, a wacky hairdo, playing with their best friend. I thought the Picture It Picture Books would be appealing to my 8-year old who has a current fascination with illustrating her own stories, but the sample didn’t appeal to her at all. She has a few books like this, books that she can customize based on her preferences and she had no interest in doing another one. This wouldn’t be one of the books I would have chosen either. For a book about your child, some of the pages are very specific and are of topics kids might have no interest in.

My 6-year old decided he liked a few of the pages, like developing a vehicle or designing a new toy (as his job) but that was the extent of his interest. I would love to see one of the more story oriented books to see if there would be more interest; the kids would actually be illustrating pictures of a story versus more of a workbook type activity (like the alphabet or Imagining Me).

The finished books do make great keepsakes for your kids as they grow-up or maybe even something to give to grandma (a story to read together when visiting and something grandma can enjoy because of the personal illustrations).

You can find the Picture It Picture Books on their website or at other stores and markets across the country.

I want to thanks the folks at Mom Central Canada and Picture It Picture Books for sending the review copy along to me.

Playhouse Disney Canada Blog Tour (Giveaway)

You probably already know we’re not much of a TV family. We have a rule of no TV during the week, though that rule has been bent a little over the summer holidays. When my kids do get a chance to watch, since their time is limited, they are very specific about the shows they like to watch, many of which are on Playhouse Disney. And who can blame them. I mean it’s a Disney channel and who doesn’t love Disney. You may think it’s strange but even when we travel we try to book a place that has Playhouse Disney as one of the channels available.

Why? Well there are a number of shows available to kids on television but not all are kid friendly, especially when my kids are eight and under. Even harder sometimes is finding shows that all 3 of my kids can agree upon and watch together. Playhouse Disney has some of their favourite programs:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – My kids are huge Mickey fans. They love the idea of being included with Mickey and friends in the secret clubhouse, which is what it’s like as the characters talk right to the kids. Along with the fun program, they love working with the characters to determine what tool will help everyone with their current problem. You can play

Special Agent Oso – Who wouldn’t want to be a Special Agent. Kids travel along with Special Agent Oso to help a child solve a problem, problems like how to wrap a present or washing your hands. Each task is broken down into 3 special steps. My 3 year old loves this and though it’s young for my 6 and 8 year olds, they don’t complain about watching it.

Imagination Movers – This is like a North American version of the Wiggles. Even my 8-year-old loves to watch this show. The four guys are full of energy and silly jokes but the best part are the songs. The songs are fun and catchy and usually my kids get hooked and sing the songs even when the show’s not on.

These are just a few of the great kids shows available on Playhouse Disney. You can see their full list here. What I love most about Playhouse Disney as a parent is that it’s commercial free programing, 24 hours a day. This means I don’t need to worry about my kids being bombarded by commercials for the latest cereal or doll and that no matter what time of day there will be something appropriate for my kids to watch: kids up at 2 a.m. with a cold, Katie and Orbie‘s on; dinner’s still not ready by 7 p.m., you’ll find My Friends Tigger and Pooh on.

And if you subscribe to Playhouse Disney, you have access to Playhouse Disney Online giving you access to full episodes on your computer even when you’re away from your home cable channel. Pretty cool feature.

Checkout Playhouse Disney‘s online site for a full list of programs, watch some episodes, even play games.


The folks at Playhouse Disney are so excited about the programming they have to offer for families, they’re giving away a Playhouse Disney Prize Pack consisting of a Playhouse Disney DVD containing 5 full Disney show episodes, pencils, a magnetic pen and colouring magnet. To enter simply tell me which Playhouse Disney show is your child’s favourite. Contest is only open to Canadians but be sure to comment before August 18 because after that I will be choosing a name randomly. You are also able to enter this contest on other blogger’s sites but you can only win once.

I am participating in the Playhouse Disney program by Mom Central. I received a Playhouse Disney prize pack and a thank you gift card to facilitate this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

My Living Stories Interactive E-Books for Kids

I’m no slouch when it comes to exposing my kids to technology. I think it can be a great tool in entertaining and educating kids. I’m also a big fan of children’s books which is one reason why I review great printed books each Wednesday as part of Write a Review Wednesday.

So I was excited when Mom Central Canada gave me the chance to try My Living Stories, an interactive e-book for kids that works on your iPhone and iPod Touch (and iPad as we discovered when we experimented with the app).

My Living Stories are interactive stories based on childhood classic tales like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Tortoise and the Hare, King Midas and Princess and the Pea.

Now e-books on the iPhone aren’t new, we have a few and my kids, especially my 3-year-old, love them. They are great when we’re on a road trip, waiting in the Doctor’s office or out doing grocery shopping. My Living Stories are easy to navigate and offer subtle animation and sound throughout the story to entertain kids. They are a simple page forward, page back format so there’s no worries about kids, especially young kids, getting confused or needing mom’s assistance to use the app. But the best feature about My Living Stories, what makes it stand out from other e-books, is that you can record your own narration, right on your iPhone!

Each story, which you can buy at the iTunes store for $1.99 Cdn, comes already narrated with a young child’s voice. Readers can choose to listen to the narration, listen with just the music so they can read the story themselves or read recorded narration, recorded by you or grandma or the babysitter or anyone your child would enjoy hearing the story being read from.

My 3-year-old loves hearing stories from her older 8-year-old sister so I had my oldest daughter record a story (she loved doing it). The steps are easy and can be done right on your iPhone (no need to download separate software and copy things from your computer). Just choose record and you’re set. You record each page separately and you can hear your recording after you’re done in case you want to record it again. My 8-year-old loved this. She was able to do this on her own and even added in her own sound-effects as she went along. You can record up to 4 different narrations of the same story so your child can choose from a story being read to them by mom or dad or grandma or big sister. And even though it’s the same story, each narration offers a unique feel adding extra life to the story itself.

My 3-year-old enjoyed hearing her sister reading the book and loved the little animations. We have an iPad so the story fills the screen, almost like a book in her lap, but using My Living Stories on the iPhone would be just as enjoyable and easy to use too. My 3-year-old picked up the navigation quickly and loved listening to the different audio voices. She now wants to record her own voice.

There are a lot of iPhone apps out there for kids but ones I really enjoy are the ones that make use of the iPhones technology. Having the ability to record and edit a stories narration is an amazing idea. The only issue I found with My Living Stories was the placement of the text to read when recording the story. The text appears plain, along the bottom of the page, like a script, which is fine since it’s just there for you to read. But the some words were covered by the page forward, page back arrows. At times we were guessing what the words were since we couldn’t read them. This could be a little frustrating for the person making the recording.


The folks at Mom Central Canada and My Living Stories are so excited about their new interactive e-books for kids that they’re offering up a gift card giveaway to my blog readers. That’s you! Simply tell me which 1 of the 5 My Living Stories e-books you think your child would enjoy and who would they like to hear narrate it for them. By telling me that you’ll be entered for a chance to win one (1) $25 iTunes Gift Card (which can now be used to buy apps). Leave your comment before August 6 because after that I will be choosing one name randomly. Participants are more then welcome to enter this giveaway on other blogs (there will be a few running this same contest), however, you can only win 1 iTunes gift card. And sorry, this contest is only open to Canadian residents.

I am participating in the My Living Stories program by Mom Central on behalf of Decode Entertainment. I received 3 free apps an da gift card as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Majesta Gives You the Chance to Go Green: Contest

I never really thought much about the environment before having kids. I mean I recycled, at little. Things are much different in our house now. We’re not a completely green family but we try to make an effort: litterless lunches at school, stainless steel water bottles for drinks on-the-go, separating garbage and recycling and organic. We try to make green decisions when shopping too by using reusable shopping bags and forgoing the plastic fruit bags. We will often times leave excess packaging at the store for them to deal with. A store can apply a lot of pressure on a company if enough people leave the packaging beyond.

One area I haven’t really transferred over into green territory has been paper products. I know, you think paper products would be the first place I’d go green. We’re talking about bathroom tissue and facial tissue and paper towel. These items are important in a family, especially with my ‘love to get dirty, toilet training, spread the cold around’ kids. I want to make sure the products I’m using will do the job.

Then I was invited to join the Majesta Mom’s Group through Mom Central Canada. We’ve been meeting weekly (online of course since we’re all over Canada) talking about environmentally friendly products, like those made by Majesta (a Canadian company I should point out). My concern with environmentally friendly paper products is that they’re thin and rough. Who wants to use that when they’re going to the bathroom? So the folks at Majesta and Mom Central Canada sent over a few samples to try.

I must admit I was a little surprised.

Bathroom Tissue – actually felt pretty soft, not scratchy with bits of bark in it (like I envisioned green toilet paper to be). Now it was a little thinner than the paper we’re use to using which means more of it gets used, but it breaks down amazingly which is great for the plumbing in our old house.

Paper Towel – similar to the toilet paper, this was much softer than expected. It seemed to do a good job when cleaning up spills, but unlike the brand I use now, it would tear quicker. This is probably because it’s meant to breakdown easier. I think that’s a trade-off I can live with.

Facial Tissue – this was the real surprise. Soft and very little ’tissue dust’ (you know that stuff that seems to fly out of the box when you pull a sheet out). It worked great on little runny noses and I didn’t get one complaint on it being scratchy or rough. I actually prefer the Majesta over what I’m already using (a 3-ply soft tissue).

Sadly Majesta brands aren’t available where I do my main grocery shopping.

The other great secret about Majesta (well, secret to me anyway) is their tree planting program. The promise to plant 3 trees for every 1 tree used to make Majesta products. So not only are their products good for the environment, the company is taking steps to ensure there’s an environment to take care of.

The folks at Majesta want to help you take care of the environment also. They’re offering 1 person $15,000 to use toward a green makeover. It could be new windows to cut down on drafts. Insulating the attic to keep the heat in and cold out. Landscaping your lawn into a natural garden that lives pesticide free. I think if I had $15,000 to spend on making green changes to my house I would seriously look into solar energy for heating water. What would you use the money for?

Visit Majesta to find out how you can enter.

I am participating in the Majesta Mom’s Group as part of a program with Mom Central Canada and I am being compensated for this post with giftcard.

MagaBrands, Dora and CN Tower

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Mom Central Canada, my family was given the opportunity to come out and meet Dora. You know Dora the Explorer. My 3-year-old was beside herself with excitement. I probably shouldn’t have told her until the morning of our visit. That would have saved countless ‘Do we see Dora today?’ Followed by great sobs when I had to tell her it wasn’t time yet.

We were to meet Dora down at the CN Tower. MegaBrands and Dora were going to be there as part of a March Break event that was going on. It had been awhile since I had been to the CN Tower and I don’t think my youngest has been there at all, so of course being the good mom I am I decided to make a full adventure of it…and take the TTC down!

Actually it wasn’t as bad as all that. We bought a day pass for all of us (we had another event later that day to attend). The kids loved taking the streetcar and subway. We were lucky that it wasn’t too busy, considering it was rush hour when we left. I am glad I allowed a lot of extra time because we arrived right on time.

I had a chance to meet a few of the other Mom Central Canada moms I’ve only talked to online, like Wendy (@MapsGirl), Lindsay (@LindsayGlowbaby), Rebecca (@playcon) and Diana (@TeacherMomofTwo). It was great running into Maureen again too (@WeeWelcome).

Funny, I knew my 3-year-old was excited to see Dora, but when Dora walked into the room, my 5-year-old son was the first one to greet her. All three of my kids wanted to hug Dora and get a picture with her.

After a little meet and greet with Dora we were given a tour of the CN Tower. I forgot about the glass elevators. Thank goodness I was taking pictures of the kids and didn’t notice how high we were going. My two youngest loved it.

We also visited the glass floor. Now it seems my adventurous kids weren’t so adventurous. My son insisted emphatically that he wasn’t going on the glass. I eventually coaxed him on but he didn’t stay long.

Then it was another elevator ride up the highest public part of the CN Tower, the Sky Pod. We were lucky the weather was so clear; we had a great view around the city.

At the end, the wonderful folks at MegaBrands gave each family a few of their items to try. My 3-year-old was thrilled when she saw the new Dora Mermaid set (especially after experiencing Barbie Mermaid). And the next day all three of my kids were playing with the combined MegaBloks sets quietly and cooperatively for at least an hour. Any toy that can do that belongs in our family.

Of course no trip downtown would be complete without an exhaust dog (or sausage in our case) and then a weary subway ride home.

Thank again to the folks at MegaBrands and Mom Central Canada. We had a wonderful time.

If you are a Canadian mom, blogger or not, and want to share your thoughts on products being introduced to moms like you in Canada, join the Mom Central Canada Testing Panel.

Photoworks Studio. Interactive, easy, and fun.

When my first child was born, I had plans like all first time moms. I looked forward to getting the nursery ready, taking pre-natal classes with my husband, crying from both exhaustion and joy when my little one arrived, holding her for the first time, creating a memory book covering her first year. But unlike many first time moms, my daughter’s unscheduled early arrival and hospital care tossed all my plans out the window.

Of course that seems like a distant memory when I look at my now happy, friendly, creatively energetic seven year old. We did take a lot of pictures and videos of my daughter during her those early years; they’re saved on the computer or copied onto CD. When I do get the urge to look at them I always think I should do it more often. Having them in digital form, although a great way to save them, it’s not a convenient way to look at them.

PhotoWorks wants you to share and enjoy these photos, all the time, not just when you pull out that CD. So I did just that. Using the new Photoworks Studio service on their website I pulled together photos and images from videos to create a book for my oldest daughter’s first year. PhotoWorks Studio offers you the ability to create stylish photobooks with a simple click or two.

All you need is about 20 or more photos and about 15 to 30 minutes of time (maybe more if you’re like me and can’t decide on what photos to use). No need to worry if you’re not creatively inclined, PhotoWorks Studio has a variety of themes and templates and designs for you to work with. Since I wanted to create a book for my daughter’s first year, I choose the baby theme (they also have themes for weddings and travel as well as an everyday theme to cover any moment you think is special and worth preserving).

After I choose to build a baby themed book, the rest was as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Upload pictures to your online album
  2. Customize your book, with your picture size, position and groupings; adding words or leaving them out; changing layout, background and other decorative elements.
  3. Save, preview, and order or share.

It really is that simple. Although the themes have a default template, you can customize it the way you want, making this truly your book. I could change the background, look at a layout with just one or two or more images, add little decorative features. And I can see everything on screen just like it would appear in the printed book. Don’t like the way one page looks, change it. Decide that the image of my daughter opening Christmas gifts should go near the end, easily drag it to the area I want.

I found PhotoWorks Studio very intuitive but they do offer a great step-by-step pdf file if you’re really stuck. The little rollovers were helpful too. It’s from these that I discovered I could move pages around in my book easily without having to recrate them; just click on a page and drag it to the new spot. Some of my images aren’t high quality since they have been saved for my computer, especially a few of the video image captures. That doesn’t mean they can’t be used in my book; it just means they’re not ideal for some of the full picture pages. PhotoWorks Studio will flag any images that might be too low resolution for a page your creating which was very useful (and avoids any surprises and disappointments when the finished book arrives).

I had a great experience going through the images of my daughter’s first year. I’ve just finished my book and can’t wait for it to arrive and share it with her. And even though, or maybe especially because, my daughter isn’t a baby anymore, having her first year, a year that was such a blur, preserved in a book will enable to me relive all those special first moments we shared together so long ago. I may not have had the chance to do a lot of my planned new mom moments when my daughter arrived, but at least with PhotoWorks Studio I could do one; I now have a memory book of my first daughter’s first year.

You can visit the PhotoWorks Studio website to see the different themes, read FAQs and view a video on how to get started.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaig by Mom Central on behalf of American Greetins PhotoWorks and will receive a free photo book to facilitate my review.

And so that was 2009

2010 is here and I’m excited but at the same time I can’t help but look back over the past year. I started this blog last Spring because I thought this would be a year of change and I wanted to record it. The year didn’t bring quite the change I was looking for but it did consist of a few (both big and little) important events.

We celebrated a few birthdays

My oldest daughter turned seven and I hosted my first kids birthday party. My middle child turned five and we surprised him (and everyone) with a trip to Disney World. My husband actually kept a secret and surprised me for my birthday (Disneyland‘s Haunted Mansion and I celebrated our 4oth birthday together). We even made a trip to Disney World just after my youngest turned three, but both her and her brother ended up sick (my oldest and I had to celebrate on our own)

We celebrated a few other milestones too

My seven-year old decided she wanted to two-wheel it and there was no going back. It was another summer of participating in the library’s Summer Reading Club, but this year we actually finished the program. My son started Beavers and my oldest daughter graduated into Brownies. My son is actually starting to read on his own. And we’ve been experiencing the ups and downs of potty training with my youngest.

I did a little writing (beyond just this blog)

Not only did I participate in Writer Digest‘s Poem-A-Day competition, writing a poem each day in April based on a prompt, I completed it. I’ve actually met a lot of amazing people through blogging and twitter, one is Tara Lazar. I started participating in her weekly post idea Write a Review Wednesday and have enjoyed sharing great children’s books each week (and have met some amazing book publishers in the process). I even participated in my first book blog tour with Tundra Books Medina Hill book launch. Along with my weekly book reviews, I started writing a monthly book review post on Allie‘s amazing site No Time for Flashcards (she’s an amazing lady online and I hope one day to meet her in person) as well as a book review post every second week on the blog Best Tools for Schools. As for fiction writing, I submitted two children’s picture book stories and started an outline for a middle grader story. I wrote an article for Today’s Parent magazine also (it appeared in their November Toy Issue) and they even sent a photographer to our house for a photo shoot to accompany the article.

There were even some personal gains

It was hard, but I came to terms with becoming a van mama. I discovered twitter which as a work from home mom can be a lifesaver. I joined Mom Central Canada as one of their Canadian mom bloggers and test panel members (I had the chance to meet Kathryn, the head Mom Central Canada lady which was pretty awesome too). I spoke with and eventually met Erica Ehm, Yummy Mummy Club founder. And through the Yummy Mummy Club I’ve actually had the chance to meet some other amazing ladies. I even learned how to deal with ignorant parents with the help of my son. I started an additional blog on Michelle‘s mom site Everything MomMichelle also gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and offered me the position of Review Editor on Everything Mom, which I still enjoy doing. And of course I can’t forget about catering our Christmas dinner (okay, maybe that’s not a real gain, but I don’t regret it).

Yes 2009 has been eventful but now it’s time to move forward. And I have high expectations for 2010. I hope it can deliver.

Flip Friday: Merry Christmas

I’ve been trying out my Flip Mino HD from Mom Central Canada and Flip. Christmas is a perfect time to use it too. How else would we be able to share this Christmas greeting with you:

The built-in FlipShare software enables me to edit and share my video anywhere there’s a computer (home, the office, the in-laws house). The Flip Mini HD also has a place to attach a tripod which comes in handy if you want to avoid camera shake.

This Christmas I’m looking forward to catching some of those surprised looks and squeals of excitement you just can’t capture in still images. And as it’s Christmas, I have a gift for you too. Thanks to Mom Central Canada and Flip I have one Flip Mini HD to give away this month. To enter visit my first Flip For the Holidays post. For a bonus entry, come back and leave a comment on this post with a Christmas greeting. That’s it. But hurry, contest ends December 31, 2009 (Canadian residents 18 years and older only).

Disney Princesses on Ice

We had the chance to attend the Toronto showing of Disney on Ice: Princess Classics earlier this week as special guests of Mom Central Canada. My youngest daughter was thrilled. She insisted on dressing appropriately for the event.

Ready to greet the Princesses

The show is running in the Roger’s Center in downtown Toronto. If you’ve been in the Roger’s Center you know it’s huge, but they set-up the stage in half the area and kept the seating close. We had great seats near the front, but the view was great from any of the available seats.

The costumes were spectacular and most of the princess stories you’re familiar with were part of the show (not the new Princess and the Frog though). Placed in two acts, the first act covered a main, familar scene from the story of Aladin, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Mulan and Little Mermaid. I should point out that only one scene was shown and they all ended without the prince discovering the princess. I mention that because my seveon-year old noticed it and made mention of it at the end of each scene, a little disappointed. But the prince eventually does find the princess in each story and how it’s done is wonderful.

The second act is all about Cinderella, a quick retelling of the main scenes. You’ll find yourself humming and singing along with all the familiar music.

This video was taken with the compact Flip Mini HD

The performers do an amaing job involving the audience too, by talking to them, interacting with them, performing right in front of them on various parts of the ice. The use of smoke and indoor sparklers also add to the magical feel of the show.

The Disney on Ice: Princess Classics is running until December 27, 2009. And if you use the special Mom Central Canada code (MMC) you may still be able to get tickets for $11 each when you buy four or more tickets (Monday to Friday, excluding Friday evenings) or $4 off all weekend shows. *

To take advantage of this deal, visit and enter the promotional code MCC.

Watching Disney on Ice: Princess Classics was a great way to kick off our Christmas vacation. Even my five-year old son who didn’t want anything to do with Princesses, really enjoyed himsel. His favourite of course was Mulan.

* Not valid for rink side or VIP seating. Cannot be combined with other offers. Service charge and handling fees will apply.

Flip Friday: Christmas Concerts and Wish Lists

I received my Flip Mino HD yesterday, just in time for my kids Christmas concert at school; what a perfect place to try it out. I had to charge my Flip before heading out and since my computer wasn’t turned on at the moment I thought I’d use my mophie USB dual charger or car charger, but neither seemed to work. So on went the computer. My mac’s USB was behind the screen so it was a little awkward to plug-in (I could use my USB buddy without a problem which helped).

At the concert I realized I didn’t look at the instructions on how to use my Flip Mino HD but it was pretty intuitive. All the buttons are on the back of the camera (except for the power button and the switch to pop out the USB). The placement works well as you’re holding the camera up in front of you and moving your thumb over the buttons. The record button is indented making it easy to find without really looking at the camera. You can zoom in a out easily, but the zoom is somewhat limited if you are shooting from a distance. Having the buttons back-lit really helped at the Christmas concert too (no squinting to try to make out where the buttons were) and I was able to record this:

You’ll have to excuse the shakiness. One thing I did discover that since the video screen is small it’s hard to detect hand movement when you’re holding the Flip Mino HD (and we were holding our hand up in front of us for a quite a bit). These small shaky movements seem to be exaggerated when viewing them in the editing software.

FlipShare (editing software)

A great feature of the Flip Mino HD is that it comes loaded with all the software you’ll need to edit and share your videos. The FlipShare software enabled me to trim my video clips by using a slider. Once all your clips are edited and saved to your computer, you can create a movie with either the one or multiple files. Just drop and drag them in the order you want your clips to appear, create a title and add credits, you can even include music and save. The FlipShare window has a status bar to let you know at what stage of saving your movie is at. If your movie has multiple clips, FlipShare automatically adds a dissolve treatment between each clip so the movie doesn’t seem jarring (though the smoothness of the dissolve is sometimes a little muddled on playback).

After filming distant activities, I tried a closer, one-on-one shot by recording my two daughter’s Santa wish lists (my son was at a Beaver’s Christmas party or else I’d have a clip of him also):

When I film I tend to talk and record a lot of material but I usually don’t keep most of it so editing is important. The FlipShare isn’t as easy to use as my iMovie software, but then again, my iMovie software didn’t seem that easy to use the first few times either. The FlipShare enabled me to take one clip and cut and save multiple mini clips and then put them all together into one movie.

Sharing on Youtube

One your movies are done, FlipShare gives you the option to upload right to your Youtube account (or other account) and like with making your movie, FlipShare will give you the status of how your upload is going. The only thing that’s missing with the upload is the option to add your video details (title, description, tags, categories). FlipShare adds information from Flip so if you want something different to appear you need to log into your account and update it. A minor inconvenience I guess.

Win a Flip Mino HD

As I mentioned in my original Flip post, pictures of kids are important but somethings are best on video. Capturing your child performing in their school concert (or goofing off as my son did) and the excitement when your child talks about what they want for Christmas, these things are best captured in video. Flip and Mom Central Canada want to give one of my readers their very own Flip Mino HD to record their own memories. To enter, visit my first post and comment as per that post’s instructions. After you’ve done, you can earn an bonus entry by commenting here, in this post, one thing you would record with your Flip Mino HD. And don’t forget, there’s one more Flip Friday (December 25) and therefore one more bonus entry to come.

Good luck. Let the flipping begin.