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Venus goes into retrograde this month

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I feel this will be a year of change for our family. One of the things we’re trying to work at changing is where we live. I like the big city, don’t love it, so I’m trying to get out. The problem is that this change is out of my control. My husband has a great paying job but one he’s not enjoying as much anymore, so he’s looking to get out. Out of what he’s doing. Out of the city. With that said, we found out recently that one of the promising prospects to get out, fell through. I think we both felt a little discouraged and discouraged.

I’m sure I’m like most people, I don’t believe in horoscopes, unless of course they promise great things. Sometimes things are uncertain and it would be great to know the plan that lies ahead of you. I struggle with the concept of Destiny. I think we control our fate, to a certain degree, but you can’t deny the influences of outside forces: where you live, the job you do, or even the people you meet. I think all of these impact your path in life. Maybe that’s why I like to read horoscopes. I like to read into them good things that will happen. And by believing in these good things, I’ll make them happen (you know, positive attitude bring positive change).

I guess I was looking for answers or rather reassurances that we were moving in the right direction with the whole new job, new life idea. Maybe that’s why I had a yearly astrological reading done for my husband at Christmas. Notice how I didn’t get one for myself. Maybe I thought it would be easier for me to ignore or disregard or scoff at the results if I didn’t like them.

It’s kind of interesting to read the report. It talks about this being a ‘mid life crisis year’. A year of ‘breaking from the old life and moving on to the next stage‘. And as I read each month’s summary I can see how events that unfold fit what’s described. But then horoscopes and astrological readings are pretty vague and are probably designed that way so you do just that, read into them, justify what they say.

Well, I was hoping by Spring we’d have a better sense on where we’d be on the idea of moving out of the big city. I feel we’re no further ahead, though we both haven’t lost our desire to move on, which is a good thing. If anything that just confirms to me that this change is something we really want and not just a desire to change for the sake of change itself. And according to the astrological report, events will unfold this summer that will keep our optimism high (not that I really believe in horoscopes or anything).