You Got My Card

Hey you! I remember you. We’re you the one I spilt my drink one when trying to shake your hand awkwardly? Or maybe you were the one I stood behind, just outside of your social circle, trying to look as though I fit in? Oh wait, you were the one had those killer shoes I admired (as well as your ability to wear them and still flash a smile). Well, wherever and however you got my card, I some how snuck it into your hand and you decided to pop by. I’m in awe! Thank you.

Well since you’re here you can find out a little more about me here (if I didn’t babble my whole life’s story to you in my nervous excitement) and checkout what I’ve been up to here. If we met over discussing kids books, you can checkout what my family has been reading and reviewing here as part of Write a Review Wednesday.

You know, if I’m not hanging out on my blog talking about the joys (and frustrations) of raising my kids or reviewing some great kids books, you can find me over at Along with maintaining another blog there about, well, more random thoughts, I’m also the Managing Editor. But you probably know that. I love working with the awesome team at EverythingMom and I’m usually quick to share that.

It was great hearing from you again. Hope to reconnect soon.

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