The Death of a Bedtime Buddy

When you have kids you sort of expect you’ll have a few years of sleepless nights but after the infant stage the novelty of waking up at night (for me at least) starts to wear off, quickly. My 4-year old hasn’t slept through the night since, well, forever. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but the solid nights have been few and far between.

To try to appease my daughter I had given her a musical lamb that my mother-in-law had given my oldest daughter (she found it at some sale). My two older kids had no real interest in the lamb so it’s just sat on the shelf but my youngest daughter is more of a stereotypical child; she would play with toys they way manufacturers designed them to be played with (and a majority of other kids play with them). My older two were never like that as kids.

I gave the daughter the lamb, which she could wind herself, and she loved it. She would play it over and over until she fell asleep. The best part of course, no 1 a.m. wake-up call. I was feeling pretty good about this new routine so of course something had to go wrong.

Tonight as I’m getting my 4-year old into bed, I pulled out the lamb, ready for the start of an easy, solid night sleep. I tuck my daughter in, lamb resting in her arms. My daughter is in a defiant ‘I can do it’ stage so of course I didn’t even suggestion winding the lamb for her. I left to say goodnight to my son and check on my oldest daughter only to hear wailing down the hall. My 4-year old was upset that she couldn’t wind up her lamb. I tried and it wouldn’t wind either. And it wouldn’t play. I tried to find something else to entertain her but it didn’t matter, it wasn’t her lamb buddy. I sat with her as she tried to settle, sniffling and sighing between tears.

The lesson I should have walked away with: maybe teaching my daughter to rely on a toy to help her sleep isn’t the best option.

The lesson I ended up walking away with: I need to buy my daughter a new musical lamb.

Hey, if something works for you, why change it (if only the lamb still worked).

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  1. Oh dear! I will keep my eyes open for a musical lamb for you! Sleep is precious


    • Some people say enjoy those moments when you’re kids are young and need you at night because they will disappear as the kids grow older. True, I will miss some of those ‘needing’ stages but I think the middle of the night ones I can do without =D

      Still on the lamb lookout.


  2. Tonight we just transfered my son to a big boy bed. I am so fearful as to how this first night is going to go. Will I find him somewhere else in the house? Will he fall out of his bed repeatedly….will he just come in and sleep with mom and dad….so nervous about this. I hooked back up his mobile where the top comes off and it becomes a glow in the dark picture cascade on his ceiling hoping it will sooth him to sleep. Here’s for hoping…but I’m not expecting much sleep tonight.

    Hope your daughter gets a new lamb…for your own sanity. 😉

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs


    • I remember going through the same thing with the big bed. It’s a big transition for everyone, including mom and dad. The only thing that keeps me from loosing my sanity during all of these stages is knowing that they do pass, eventually. Good luck!


  3. Sorry I didn’t comment earlier, I’ve had your post on my mind all week but wouldn’t find the time to sit down and write my own experience.
    As you may – or may not know – we are French, from the other side of the ocean, not from further North.
    For our son’s birth, we were offered the cutest musical toy from Sucre d’Orge. When I was a child myself, I had also a musical toy from that old French company. I really liked the 3″song” that it made, and the toy was all cute and machine washable. Yeah!
    After about 12 months of use, the toy stopped working, same story as you. I went on the website to see if they were still selling the toy – no. But I still contacted the company and they told me that for their toys to stop working after only 12 months of use it was very odd. So they replaced at no additional costs except shipping costs to Canada the toy!
    Moreover, I found out that they have an “SOS Doudou” service(doudou is how you call you favorite stuffie in France), you can register and they keep an some stock of your toy to be able to send it to you if it breaks of you lose it.
    Unfortunately, there is no lamb… but there are a few different ones to choose from, so maybe you can have your daughter check them out? They are about $25 after taxes – I find that very much ok considering the quality.

    Note: I am in no way affiliated with this company, I am just a big big fan, of their toys and very cute and convenient clothes for babies.

    Here is the link to the musical teddies:


    • I love the idea of having a file for replacement toys Elise. When All 3 of my kids have stuffies we gave them when they were a baby. When I bought them I bought 3 or 4 extras thinking just what you said, what happens if one gets lost. It’s funny to look at the loved ones now compared to the ones stored in a bag.

      Thanks for your comment and the link. I’ll have to check this company out.
      Carrie Anne


  4. Sorry I am just seeing now my comment is full of typos and grammatical errors… We’ll blame that on the wine I ma drinking at the moment 🙂


  5. Posted by christi on February 9, 2011 at 9:42 am

    My son spent the night with his cousin two hours away and left his “horsey” there! As luck would have it, we were flying out the next afternoon for a week vacation. After two hours of sobbing the night before about “horsey”, I made the decision to drive to my brothers house to pick it up before leaving on our trip the next day. Sometimes, you just do what you need to do for your sanity and for your little ones! 🙂 Good luck in finding a “replacement” lamb!


    • I think I would have done the same thing Christi. When heading over the boarder my thought process is: iPhone, passports and stuffies =D.

      Thanks for your comment.
      Carrie Anne


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