Love My Daughter’s Writing Mind: A Landscape Poem

I was visiting my eight-year old daughter’s teacher one morning. She was giving me an update on how she was progressing in grade three. No surprise she’s following my academic footsteps, doing well in math and sort of sucking in spelling. That’s my life story. But I was excited to discover her love of language too. I always knew my daughter had a thing with words, even when she was younger. Her teacher showed me a project she had the class work on recently. They had to create a landscape mosaic and then write a descriptive poem about it.

I love the picture but many of the kids did similar paintings. It’s obvious they were given direction on the style to paint. It’s still a wonderful painting. What really made my jaw drop was the descriptive poem she wrote to accompany her painting

Rough, jagged and empty. My heart sinks to my toes. No friends nor company only the sun and snow. I am attached to my neighbours like an apple is attached to its nurturing mother. The mountains beside me tease me because I am the only one who has a flat head.

The water is a navy blue diamond with blotches of emerald-green. The sun tries to evaporate it like an African desert. But the water is stronger. The water is a thick sheet of glass. Still…seaweed almost frozen to death sits on the bottom of the water.

The land is pink like a pink popsicle and emerald like a gem stone. Together they look like watermelon. They are very dry because all of their juice has made a very cold river. It’s seeds are so cold they were frozen into snow.

The moon is dark chocolate. whatever it sees it turns it into whatever chocolate flavour it wants, just like Medusa, except she changes objects into stone.

The snowflakes twinkle, twirl and shine in the moonlight. They make not a sound, nor a peep, but a soft landing. The snowflakes sparkle and shine in the night. The mountain just pricked one like a spinning wheel.

Part of my reaction is that of a proud mom. The other part is that of someone who enjoys language and seeing my daughter use it this way, reading her words, gives me goose bumps.

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  1. Wow! That gave me goosebumps, too. There is no doubt she has a gift for words!!


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