I Want My Mummy

Halloween is this weekend as I’m sure your kids have made it quite clear. My son’s Beaver group held a Halloween party with games and treats and crazy boy fun. One game consisted of the boys being broken into groups and having to wrap up one team player as a mummy. Can you guess who the mummy is:

Yup, you guessed it, that’s my son. His team won, which is great but sort of a surprise. I mean, here’s a boy who can’t sit still for 5-minutes, even when brushing his teeth he’s jumping on one foot, yet her stood perfectly still while his friends wrapped him up mummy-style. And I mean wrapped him up good. You can barely see his eyes peeking out.

Perhaps his mummy-like behaviour has something to do with the Mummy Mazes book from Workman Publishing that we reviewed yesterday for Write a Review Wednesday. Of maybe it’s just his fascination with toilet paper.

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