My Lazy Decorating Technique

When you buy a house you try to look beyond someone’s decorating style; you try to focus on the structure and space. A new coat of paint can transform a room to fit your style and is much cheaper than having to rework a main floor because you don’t like where the doors or windows sit.

When we bought our last house we did just that, especially in the main bathroom (actually the only bathroom). It was more than twice the size of our current bathroom and the large cupboard would be big enough to hold our washer and dryer. Sold.

The bathroom was always one of those things on our list that need to be redone but things like knob and tube wiring and asbestos had to take priority. The bathroom has gone through many renovations, in our mind. We’ve never really done anything because with a bathroom you only want to do it once.

But I guess after five years the black and while ‘jail’ wallpaper must be getting to us. It doesn’t help that the previous owner did such a poor papering job, with bubbles and corners flipping up. It was one of those corners that finally got to my husband. He pulled a little and a whole sheet came down. Later that day I pulled a corner and more came off. It’s been like that every day down, each time one of us goes into the bathroom another piece of plastered wall is exposed.

This probably isn’t the best way to remove paper (some spots come off clean and easy while others leave a residue of paper lining behind) but it does get me thinking about finally doing something with the bathroom, even if it takes another five years to get all the paper off.

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