Ontario Place: Racing Cars and Hanging Out

At the end of summer we were invited to the Fisher Price Fall Toy Preview event at Ontario Place. After a busy morning of playing with toys, my 3 and 6-year old were invited to spend some time having fun at Ontario Place.

My 3-year old loves her older brother. No matter what he does, she has to follow. Walking around Ontario Place they were up on benches, along curbs, zig-zagging around trees.

On of our first stops had to be the Power Wheels race track. My son loves these though he’s getting pretty close to being too big to ride them. I remember the first time he drove around the track, he would stop in the middle of the track to checkout the engine, adjust the radio, he even offered to give someone a ride who was stuck. I was surprised my 3-year old picked it up right away. She was around the track a few times without incident. She loved the fact that she was in a pink Barbie car too.

The kids moved from one car ride to the next. This one required no steering but it went pretty fast, forwards and backwards. They loved it. And since this ride is down a hill (not that visible) there weren’t that many people waiting to ride so they went on two more times.

If my 8-year old had been with us, she would have made a bee-line to the Frogger ride (where you hop up and down). My son has always been too short but this time he was just right and eager to ride.

I wish I had video of his ride. When the ride went up he was so excited but when it made it’s first drop he screamed. Not one of those ‘whee this is fun’ type of screams. His scream was more like ‘oh my god what have I gotten myself into’. After a few more drops he was fine but continued screaming.

Before we ended our day we took a ride together in the ferris wheel. The kids were busy saying hi to all the other riders who passed us in their ferris wheel cars. It was great seeing all around the park and out to the water.

After this the rain started. We were soaked by the time we got to the van but both kids thought it was worth it. Thanks to the folks at GCI Canada and Fisher Price for a fun filled day.

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