Me and Mrs. Potato Head

Remember my celebrity post, the one about all the stars I met a BlogHer in New York City. There was one celebrity I didn’t get a chance to meet (though my three-year old received a postcard from her). That celebrity was Mrs. Potato Head.

Recently I had the chance to attend the Hasbro fall preview event, checking out the cool new toys coming out this Fall. The kids even had a chance to play with some of them. It certainly gave the kids lots of ideas for their Christmas lists. Seeing the toys was pretty cool. Even as an adult I love toys. I think that’s one reason why I had kids, so I had a legitimate reason for looking at, playing with and buying toys. But this visit was extra special for me because I finally had a chance to meet Mrs. Potato Head (thanks to the wonderful folks at Edelman Public Relations. She’s been welcomed into our home by little hands.

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  1. […] choice. I liked seeing the Potato Heads. I missed them when I was at BlogHer in New York City but they found me here in Toronto not too long after my […]


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