Entertainment for the Walk Home

If you’re out for a walk you probably notice runners (and some people just out for a walk) wearing headphones, entertaining themselves with a favourite tune. Not if you live in my neighbourhood, at least not today. We went to pick-up my 8-year old up from her sleepover party and my 3-year old entertained us (and everyone around us) with a song.

Cute right? For the length of that clip, sure. But my daughter is in her determined stage. Meaning she sang that song, or rather that one line of a song, for most of the 20 minute walk home. And she wasn’t shy about it. She sang it loud and strong. There are so many things I seem to tell my kids not to do: don’t dance around the dining room while eating food, no trying to flying from the livingroom couch with make-sift wings. Some things you just have to let your kids do. And since we’re outside of the house (and it didn’t involve rocket launchers or me calling 911) I was all for her singing her one line over and over and over….and over again.

My neighbours on the other hand? Well let’s just say my 8-year old has offered to teacher her the whole song and Future Shop has a sale on headphones.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by mom on August 24, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    I think it is wonderful, I especially like the switch to falsetto voice at the end. Good for Rane bringing a little music in to the city- I am sure most neighbours who heard her it brought a smile to their lips and probably left them with that song stuck in their heads for awhile.

    love to all , especially happy Rane



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