Remember how I lamented at last week about summer camp. Well I survived. I didn’t think I would but I guess I’m made of stronger stuff. My oldest daughter arrived back from her week away camp on Saturday. We were at the pick-up spot first, in case the bus arrived early, which it didn’t of course.

When the bus pulled in I went to meet my daughter who bounded off the bus happy and tanned (seems she forgot how to use her sunscreen when away). She started talking about her whole trip, what she did and ate, the friends she made, the fun she had. She obviously had a great time so I wasn’t surprised when she said she wished she was still at camp. I guess the extra long week for us must have gone extra fast for her.

But she’s home. This week my two youngest are in day camp all day so it’s just the two of us which will be nice. I’m even thinking of treating her, well both of us, to a manicure session later this week. I think she’ll like that and I’ve heard it might help me with my habit.

So maybe this summer camp ordeal wasn’t so bad. Of course I might change my tune when my daughter asks to be away for 2-weeks next year.

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