Write a Review Wednesday: Petit, The Monster

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week we reviewed Chronicle Books High Five with Julius and Friends. This week we’re looking at Groundwood BooksPetit, the Monster (age 2-5 ), written and illustrated by Isol. I have to thank Trish at Groundwood Books for my review copy.


Petit is a boy. Sometimes he’s bad, like when scarring the pigeons or trying to do math. Sometimes he’s good, like when he tells stories or takes care of his toys. Petit tries to be good but the harder he tries the worse things seem to turn out. There seems to be only one explanation in Petit’s mind. He must be a not-yet-discovered good-bad boy monster.

My first-born, a girl, was so perfect. She was well-behaved and followed the rules, she had great empathy for others, even as a toddler. I use to think other parents, especially those of boys, just didn’t know how to raise their kids properly.

Then I had my son and everything changed.

I’ll admit it, boys are a unique creature. I think that’s what drew me to Petit, The Monster. As I read this to my kids I could see my son in Petit’s shoes; trying to be good but giving into his more adventurous, loud and rough boy side.

My son, just like Petit, wonders about his behaviour too. We talk often about what’s good and what’s bad. We talk about how hard it is to control certain impulses. My son isn’t bad; he isn’t a monster. He’s just a boy, like Petit, trying to sort out who he is, why he behaves the way he does and how to change it, well some of it.

I love that Petit, The Monster shows my son that this is a struggle boys go through, not just him. I think he appreciates it more when it’s not just his mom telling him so (because moms are supposed to love you no matter what).

I also love the end of the book with Petit discovers that his mom is also good and bad. We all have our moments. Petit, The Monster is a great book to help the young boy in your family understand he’s not alone. It also helped my two girls understand too that boys are indeed unique creatures.

You can add a copy of Petit, The Monster to your own library by visit your independent book seller or Groundwood Books. For other great book ideas for kids, read through the other Write a Review Wednesday posts.

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