Better Than TV

I know how easy it is to get sucked into TV. We canceled our cable years ago because we would spend so much time watching ‘stuff’. With 2 of my 3 kids at home with me during the day I wanted to avoid relying on the TV as a toy or an object of distraction (though when I have to make a call or I’m under the weather the TV becomes my kids’ best friend), so we have a rule there’s no TV on during the week.

The one exception is Fridays. On Fridays the kids can watch TVO Kids or CBC Kids or sometimes PBS Kids from the US if the weather’s nice. It’s kind of a treat for them (and me).

But today was different. Unlike other Friday’s the kids decided to watch something else. They decided to watch men hanging from the old oak tree in our backyard, juggling branches and chainsaws. You don’t hear me complaining (until my 5-year-old son decides he want’s to practice swinging from the trees ‘just like the guys’).

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