Alison Dare, The Saga Continues

Last time we saw Alison Dare, the twelve-year-old adventuress had us hanging by a thread, or rather a rope. Thankfully a large bird was collecting twine for its nest and grabbed the rope with Alison hanging from it. Before being woven into a nest, Alison spotted a grassy opening and jumped to safety.

Safe at last, Alison continued her journey for her June 8 visit. Or did she.

It seems the soft grass Alison landed on are the arms of the Greenopolious Spider (often confused with evergreen bushes). Will Alison be able to untangle herself from the spider plant’s snare? Will she be able to control her laughter as the spider’s soft tentacle-like arms continue to tickle her? Did she remember to pack her Anti-Greenoplious Spider spray? Until next time…

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