Mobile First Aid

We’ve been enjoying the nice weather this weekend by spending most of the day in the local park, biking. Actually I haven’t been biking, we’ve been getting the kids out on their bikes. My 8-year-old picked up biking right away. You know the saying ‘it’s like riding a bike’, what do you say when you’re talking about riding a bike? My 5-year-old is learning to ride a two-wheeler and he’s actually done really well in just 2 days.

My 3-year-old has a scooter bike, you know the kind without pedals that you just scooter along. She’s doing really well on her scooter bike but of course she doesn’t go nearly as fast as the other two peddlers. This started to discourage her and she didn’t want to bike anymore.

Than a solution…

Since she holds the Band-Aids in the little bag attached to the front of her bike, she became the Mobile First Aid unit. My oldest scraped her leg with her pedal, the Mobile First Aid unit scooted over to apply a Band-Aid. My 5-year-old got stuck in quicksand (don’t ask). The Mobile First Aid unit was there to pull him to safety. She now had a reason to scoot around the park and it didn’t matter that she wasn’t going fast, her older siblings were waiting for her.

That’s all she really wanted anyway.

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