What’s with that hair?

I once made the statement to my hairdresser that women over a certain age shouldn’t have long hair, it just didn’t suit them. I still can’t believe I said that, especially with a son who has gorgeous long hair. I know first hand what it’s like to have someone paint a broad stereotypical brush stroke over you. Of course I was wrong, very wrong. I have met a number of lovely women, some older than me, who have beautiful long hair and it suits them perfectly. A much better statement, instead of my stereotypical version, should have been, I shouldn’t have long hair after I have reached a certain age. And that age, well, I’ve passed it.

When I was younger I had long hair and it suited me. I haven’t been growing my hair as a way to recapture my youth. No, my long hair is a fact of being a mom. As a mom I always seem to put the rest of my families needs before my personal ones. And really, long hair is just so easy to take care of: no product, no fancy brush techniques, just dry and go. And on days when I can’t even get into the shower, tossing my hair into a ponytail is always a quick fix.

So why the talk of hair now? This is why:

This is a photo Racheal McCraig (@RachealMc) captured at a book launch party I attended for Kathy Buckworth. Racheal is a great photographer; all the pictures she’s taken of other people have looked fantastic, the people have looked fantastic. So when I saw this photo I cringed. I know I’m not the most photogenic person around, but that long scraggly hair just had to go.

So the next week I did this:

Okay, I didn’t do that, my hairdresser did. I had made up my mind that I needed a change, not just a trim. I know the shorter hair will mean more work. I have to get use to using the hair dryer and fancy brushes and hair ‘stuff’ again, but I think it will be worth it.

My intension when cutting my hair was just to cut it; to make a change. It was only when my hairdresser mentioned the Locks of Love donation program that I discovered my discarded hair, something I didn’t want anymore, could actually benefit someone else. According to their site, your hair length must be 10 inches in length from cut to tip in order to be accepted. I knew I was cutting off a lot of hair but I didn’t know if it was 10 inches worth. Another program the patron beside me mentioned is Matter of Trust‘s hair donation program to help with the Gulf oil spill. So in case my hair length fell short of the 10 inches, it could still do some good besides lining bird nests. Turns out my cut is about 10 inches, most of it anyway, so I’ll more than likely mail it to Locks of Love.

The new hair, or lack of hair actually, takes some getting use to. I keep feeling as if my hair is still hanging there but when I go to sweep it back there’s nothing. My kids are unsure of the new do to. Ah what we do for change. The one big thing I’m hoping will come out of all of this? Now that my hair is short maybe the nice weather will arrive. I’d cut my hair for that, wouldn’t you.

9 responses to this post.

  1. You look fantastic! I love the saucy new ‘do. That took guts.


  2. I love it!


  3. It looks great! Wow! You’re a new woman! I used to love having my hair short. It’s fun, it’s sassy and soooo easy to do in the mornings. And cool in the summer.

    Congratulations on making the leap! While it takes some time to get used to (I cried for days when I first cut my long hair off a number of years ago) it’s fun having short hair.


  4. Posted by Kirsten McGoey on May 14, 2010 at 12:09 am

    Like I said on FB – did it myself after I had Dylan and I am so PROUD of you! I am thinking of doing it again but this time I am doing haircuts inbetween, I too saw a shot of my scraggles and went ARGH. Love the new doo – you look great!


  5. I love it!!

    When I first cut my hair short, I did it just like you…all at once. It’s kind of liberating, isn’t it??

    And I totally agree with Cynthia….sooooo much easier in the mornings. 🙂


  6. You look beautiful, and I love the style. You’ll get used to it quickly and will find it easy to handle. It can be much faster than long hair, it takes me about two minutes to do my hair now in the mornings.

    So wonderful that you are able to donate it too, just fabulous!


  7. Good for you! Looks great and what a worthy cause to donate your long locks to, also!


  8. I love it! I need to do the same some day very soon! 🙂


  9. Posted by mom on May 15, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Love the look! I am sure you will enjoy the no fuss style during the hotter than normal summer they are predicting. Good work sending on your tresses to such a worthwhile cause.



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