The Old Oak Tree

I love old homes, especially ones that are located in old-established neighbourhoods. Our current home (built-in 1909) was untouched by the previous owners which is a rare and wonderful thing. Yes, it means work and more work but all the character is maintained and that’s what I love, a house with history.

The fact that our current house was untouched was a big selling feature but the old growth in the neighbourhood and our yard was another bonus. Our backyard is almost completely shaded by a large old oak, and we have a fairly big backyard (for a city home) so you can imagine how big the oak is:

But a wonderful big oak also means big work. Windy weather like today’s makes that abundantly clear when large branches are snapped from the tree. Lucky nothing big fell from our oak. We’re now in the process of having someone come in a cut back dead weight to avoid any problems in the future. Hopefully with care we’ll be able to keep this oak around for the next few generations to look at in awe. I know I do, every day.

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  1. I love huge trees and old homes! They have such incredible character!


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