Majesta Gives You the Chance to Go Green: Contest

I never really thought much about the environment before having kids. I mean I recycled, at little. Things are much different in our house now. We’re not a completely green family but we try to make an effort: litterless lunches at school, stainless steel water bottles for drinks on-the-go, separating garbage and recycling and organic. We try to make green decisions when shopping too by using reusable shopping bags and forgoing the plastic fruit bags. We will often times leave excess packaging at the store for them to deal with. A store can apply a lot of pressure on a company if enough people leave the packaging beyond.

One area I haven’t really transferred over into green territory has been paper products. I know, you think paper products would be the first place I’d go green. We’re talking about bathroom tissue and facial tissue and paper towel. These items are important in a family, especially with my ‘love to get dirty, toilet training, spread the cold around’ kids. I want to make sure the products I’m using will do the job.

Then I was invited to join the Majesta Mom’s Group through Mom Central Canada. We’ve been meeting weekly (online of course since we’re all over Canada) talking about environmentally friendly products, like those made by Majesta (a Canadian company I should point out). My concern with environmentally friendly paper products is that they’re thin and rough. Who wants to use that when they’re going to the bathroom? So the folks at Majesta and Mom Central Canada sent over a few samples to try.

I must admit I was a little surprised.

Bathroom Tissue – actually felt pretty soft, not scratchy with bits of bark in it (like I envisioned green toilet paper to be). Now it was a little thinner than the paper we’re use to using which means more of it gets used, but it breaks down amazingly which is great for the plumbing in our old house.

Paper Towel – similar to the toilet paper, this was much softer than expected. It seemed to do a good job when cleaning up spills, but unlike the brand I use now, it would tear quicker. This is probably because it’s meant to breakdown easier. I think that’s a trade-off I can live with.

Facial Tissue – this was the real surprise. Soft and very little ’tissue dust’ (you know that stuff that seems to fly out of the box when you pull a sheet out). It worked great on little runny noses and I didn’t get one complaint on it being scratchy or rough. I actually prefer the Majesta over what I’m already using (a 3-ply soft tissue).

Sadly Majesta brands aren’t available where I do my main grocery shopping.

The other great secret about Majesta (well, secret to me anyway) is their tree planting program. The promise to plant 3 trees for every 1 tree used to make Majesta products. So not only are their products good for the environment, the company is taking steps to ensure there’s an environment to take care of.

The folks at Majesta want to help you take care of the environment also. They’re offering 1 person $15,000 to use toward a green makeover. It could be new windows to cut down on drafts. Insulating the attic to keep the heat in and cold out. Landscaping your lawn into a natural garden that lives pesticide free. I think if I had $15,000 to spend on making green changes to my house I would seriously look into solar energy for heating water. What would you use the money for?

Visit Majesta to find out how you can enter.

I am participating in the Majesta Mom’s Group as part of a program with Mom Central Canada and I am being compensated for this post with giftcard.

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